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Time to Repent John McCain

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If John McCain loved America and was the hero the liberals all are fawning over now that Mr. McCain is not well, he would resign from the Senate and the Governor of Arizona would appoint former Governor Jan Brewer, who would be an all of President Trump and vote for repeal of Obamacare.

John McCain though is not this type of selfless individual. He is a self centered bully and a traitor who collaborated with the North Vietnamese. He will seek out Jimmy Carter's remedy for a cure and if that is not allowed, then all of us will have to deal with John McCain lying in state and endless lies told about him like those below, as this is the same John McCain who destroyed George W. Bush's presidency and is in the process of destroying the Donald Trump presidency.

McCain should have retired and not run in 2008 as it brought about Obama. McCain should have retired and Jan Brewer could have been in the Senate elected by the People of Arizona, and America would not be held hostage to this rationed death.

Sidler Mike Pence

Image of coup plotter Obama

Crooked Hillary Hamrod Clinton

Crazy Tim Kaine

Like all of these scoundrels betraying America, John McCain has been given a chance to confess all of his crimes, as unless the Jews for Jimmy Carter come through, he will be facing Christ and there are no clever Gang of 8 to run interference for him then.

It is time to repent John McCain and submit to Christ as your only Savior.

Then again the Reagan Americans are not tweeting leftist garbage about John McCain fiction. They are looking for the scales of the balance to be evened out for all the betrayal John McCain injured billions, and is still injuring people with rationed death in Obamacare.

 In another vulva heard from, no one wants to ever hear from...........


Now, now Megs, play nice as daddy made lots of enemies in America and outside America, and without his giving you cover, you might be finding your career on selling it on the street.

Remember turn the other cheek Megs.


Minnesota Held Hostage by Somali Muslim Terrorist

 Call for answers: Don Damond, Justine's fiance,  fought back tears as he said earlier this week that the cops have failed to provide any explanation

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The MURDER of Justine Damond in Minneapolis Minnesota by a Somali Muslim terrorist, wearing a police officer uniform provided him by liberal Governor Mark Dayton, the accomplice of this murdering of a White woman, is an issue now that the murderer, Mohamed Noor is holding the entire state of Minnesota hostage, in refusing to cooperate with the investigation, as this terrorist has lawyered up, as much as the deafening silence of Governor Mark Dayton and the pathetic response by Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodge who is responsible for this Affirmative Action terrorism as much as Al Franken and Keith Ellison.

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodge said: 'We do have more information, though it's frustrating to have some of the picture but not all of it.
 We cannot compel officer Noor to make a statement; I wish we could. I wish that he would make a statement.'

Welcome to Terror USA where the terrorists have more rights than Citizens or the Assaulted LEGAL foreigners who should be protected from being murdered.

There are realities in this which are damning, as we are learning that Justine Damond did everything absolutely right. EVERYTHING. She phoned 911. She told the police who she was. She reported exactly what had taken place and what was happening in a rape.
That bears repeating in a RAPE was taking place on this night in the alley behind this residence. It was loud. It was brutal and it was obnoxious, whether it was a criminal assault or some pathetic rape fantasy. The fact is a rape was taking place, the Minneapolis police knew it, and they did not appear.

In the time sequence, we know that 8 minutes elapsed from the time of the report, until another call was placed by Ms. Damond asking if the police got the wrong address as a RAPE WAS TAKING PLACE.
She is assured the police are on the way as it appears 10 to 15 minutes lapse between the call and the events of the murder.

911 Transcript Call

Incident Number: 17-265936 July 15, 2017; 23.27:02
Time: 23:27:02
Operator: 911, what's the address of the emergency?
Caller: Hi, I'm, I can hear someone out the back and I, I'm not sure if she's having sex or being raped.
Operator: Give me the address.
Caller: XXXX Washburn Avenue South.
Operator: Washburn Avenue South. You said it's behind (inaudible)?
Caller: And there's a (inaudible) out the back, yup, yup. And I think she just yelled out 'help,' but it's difficult the sound has been going on for a while, but I think, I don't think she's enjoying it. I think it's, I don't know.
Operator: Okay, already got a call started and help on the way. Uh, you can't see anything, you're just hearing a female screaming then, is that what you're saying?
Caller: Yeah. It sounds like sex noises, but it's been going on for a while and I think she tried to say help and it sounds distressed.
Operator: Okay, I've already got an officer on the way. What is your name?
Caller: JUSTINE.
Operator: JUSTINE, what's your last name?
Caller: JUSTINE.
Operator: JUSTINE.
Caller: Yeah.
Operator: And a phone number?
Operator: Okay, we've already got help on the way. If anything changes before we get there just give us a call right back, but officers should be there soon.
Caller: Thanks.
Operator: Okay, not a problem.

Operator: 911, what is the address of the emergency?
Caller: Hi, I just reported one, but no one's here and was wondering if they gotthe address wrong.
Operator: What's the address?
Caller: XXXX Washburn Avenue South. It supposed to be Washburn Avenue South.
Operator: Are you JUSTINE?
Caller: Yeah, (inaudible).
Operator: You're hearing a female screaming?
Caller: Yes, along behind the house.
Operator: Yup, officers are on the way there.
Caller: Thank you.
Operator: You're welcome, bye. 

We know that a female is screaming in being raped. We also know something more damning in the police cruiser rolled up in the back of the alley, NOT THE FRONT WHERE THEY SHOULD HAVE APPEARED TO SPEAK TO MS. DAMOND TO ASSESS THE SITUATION AND TO VERIFY HER POSITION FOR HER SAFETY.

What takes place next is beyond comprehension, as the police cruiser has it's LIGHTS OFF. It is driving down the street, and then down a back alley with it's lights off. This is beyond dangerous and illegal. This is beyond protect and serve as a WOMAN BEING RAPED needs to have that assault stopped immediately, so the rapist who may be beating her head in or strangling her to silence her. Instead the Minneapolis police is rolling up silent in stealth, and the cruiser than proceeds to roll down the back alley to the front, not knowing if a woman is laying in the path of the car or if a rapist is waiting to blow the officers away, because the officers can not see in the dark, because they have their lights off.

It is at this point that Justine Diamond realizes the police have arrived, and she moves on her property toward the vehicle, waving for help  and to gain their attention as she approaches the police on her property in the front of the alley.

The official dispatch transcript reveals  more damning evidence in this murder, because the White officer is apparently opening his door. One must remember in the backdrop of this, there is chatter from the TAC which is distracting, but the essence is that fireworks are going off in bangs are heard.
In Minnesota it is illegal to have fireworks and to light them in Minneapolis. The laws are not being enforced for fireworks nor for rape.

It is at this point that the Somali terrorist, unbeknownst to the White officer has violated all protocols in drawing his weapon, pointing it in the direction of another officer, and firing through the White officer, at 'someone' who is in the dark, but having absolutely no threatening presence, and strikes Justine Damond in the abdomen.
As it is a fatal hit, logical conclusion is Mohamed Noor was unprofessional and unskilled in the shot, in he did not center it, but in excitement pulled the shot right or left, depending on his dominant hand and struck the major artery chain on the right or left side of the abdomen where Ms. Damond hemorrhaged several pints of blood and bled out in moments.

The White officer begins a cover up, as the "Uh shots fired", leaves the impression that they have been fired on. It is followed with " We got one down", verifies the police have fired on someone, but the inference is they have just shot a rapist and not Justine Damond.

This is beyond all excuse and all professionalism.

Transcript of Dispatch and Minneapolis Police

Dispatch: “Squad 530 to 5024 Washburn Avenue South. Female screaming behind the building.”
Officer: “530, uh, shots fired. Can we get EMS Code 3 Washburn and 51st Street? We got one down.”
Dispatch: “Copy. Shots fired at Washburn and 53rd Street. Correction 51st. Sergeant to acknowledge shots fired and one down at Washburn.”
Officer: “Copy”
Dispatch: “Copy 502”
Officer: “506 as well”
Dispatch: “Copy 506”
Officer: (garbled)
Dispatch: “Copy”
Officer: “530, I’m starting CPR.”
Dispatch: “Copy 530, starting CPR.”
Officer: “530, we’re north of the alleyway, 51st Street, Washburn even side.”
Dispatch: “Copy north of alley, 51st Street, even side. 5520 arrived (garbled). Squad 530 are you Code 4 for medical?”
Officer: “530 Code 4 for medical.”
Dispatch: “530 Code 4 for medical at 23:45.”
Officer: “530, there are no suspects at large.”
Dispatch: “Copy 530, no suspects at large.”
Officer: “520, where is EMS on this?”
Dispatch: “EMS is coming. Rescue is coming.”
Officer: “502 they’re behind me at 53rd and Oliver.”
Officer: “Rescue’s arrived.”
Officer: (garbled) “The next squad in, if they could block eastbound traffic at 51st and Xerxes. I have 51st and Washburn right here.”
Officer: “521, we’ll be there.”
Officer: (garbled) “I see the alley blocked off on the very north side, block 50th please.”
Officer: “502, I’m on scene.”
Dispatch: “Copy 502 on scene.”
Officer: “5502 I’ll be arriving in a block.”
Dispatch: “5502 arriving in a block.”
Dispatch: "Information for 5th Precinct. Sergeant to acknowledge the sound of shots fired. 119 33rd Street West. Two shots heard from the east."
Officer: (garbled)
Dispatch: (garbled) "Copy 505"
Officer: "541"
Dispatch: "541"
Officer: "We heard those sounds from the station. Those are probably aerial fireworks."
Dispatch: "Copy 541. Those shots are possibly aerial fireworks."
Officer: "505"
Dispatch: "505"
Officer: (garbled)
Dispatch: "505. Last words came in broken. 505. Came in broken."
Officer: “505 we’re requesting response cars because we have squads tied up with this shooting.”
Dispatch: “Copy requesting response cars.”
Dispatch: “Squad 505, are those response cars for 911 or to the scene?”
Officer: “Um, for now they can come to answer 911 calls and if we need them they can go to the scene. But for now 911 response.”
Dispatch: “Copy 505.”
Officer: “5502 have car 9 call me please.”
Officer: “Car 9, I’m actually on the way out to Washburn.”
Officer: “502 (garbled)”
Dispatch: “Squad 505, precinct 3 and 4 have shootings right now. We are still checking on 1st and 3rd.”

What is the reality in this, is the Minneapolis police department violated every directive possible. The mode of operation in this was not protecting a woman being raped, but using the raped woman as bait to collar a rapist. The first PRIORITY in this situation is to secure the women on scene, in first knowing the exact location of Justine Damond, and then progressing to finding the woman being raped in securing her.

But Noor was in breach of his own police department's strict bodycam rules and now faces severe punishment, even if exonerated and could lose his job for not following the guidelines.
The officer knew he was compelled to switch on his body camera and record his interactions when answering a 911 call to reports of a sexual assault.

This was a homicide, not a righteous shooting. This is murder in thee most heinous violation of public trust.  There must be a Federal Grand Jury convened by a US Attorney to give evidence for the collusion of Governor Mark Dayton and Mayor Betsy Hodge who have perpetuated this racist antagonism against Whites in Minnesota.
The guilt in this is Minneapolis Chief of Police as this is his responsibility as an accomplice to the terror murderer Mohamed Noor.

Mohamed Noor belongs indicted on first degree murder of Justine Damond, first degree reckless homicide in endangering Officer Harrity, reckless endangerment of the public and reckless discharge of a weapon.

Mohamed Noor must have his passport seized before he flees America back to terror Somalia, as he disappears into the Minnesota African terror Muslim network.

As Minnesota ignorantly does not have the death penalty, this falls to the federal regime of the silent President Trump to demand Jeff Sessions to try this case in federal court, where when this Somali Muslim is convicted, will be executed for this murder of the innocent Justine Damond.

Officer Harrity must be fired as much as the Chief of Police. The Governor and Mayor must face charges of aiding terrorism in America by this affirmative action promotion of a Muslim psychotic.

The chances of Justice being served in this by Jeff Sessions are nil, as Mr. Sessions is too busy persecuting political prisoners in Nevada in the Bundy Patriots and seeking ways to prosecute Americans for having guns. There must be a call though to cut through the propaganda protecting Muslim murder in America as the Ivanka Brand takes Saudi donations like Hillary Clinton and the entire democratic party enables Islamic terrorism in America starting with the worst Muslim terrorist of the past decade in Birther Hussein Obama.

Minnesota and America are held hostage by this Muslim Terrorist in Minnesota, who is thwarting US Justice and that same system is protecting the murdering Mohamed Noor while the innocent Justine Damond had her most precious rights stolen from her, in her life.

Justice for Justine Damond, as Minneapolis Minnesota is protecting an Islamic murderer.

He speaks: Mohamed Noor has told friends - but not state investigators - what happened in the alleyway on Saturday night which ended in the death of Justine Damond
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Sean Kwan Doe

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is written about a week after the knife slasher terror events in London and focuses on Sean Homo Hannity who incessantly brings up daily he does martial arts, is a pasty color belt and lectures about rather having a gun in his temple than a knife as a knife is the most dangerous thing there is when the attacker knows how to use it.

In reviewing the Muslims, they really do not get record numbers of murders in their knife attacks, so they apparently run out of ammo in their knives.

What the Lame Cherry wants to address in this is a reality that most of you  have no conception of as you do not even slice your bread any more in the morning. What I mean by this is knives do cut, but people who butcher animals soon discover that hides are tough, bones are tough and you just can not cut things that easily or penetrate the Manson murderers discovered on Sharon Tate as they kept striking bone and it hurt their hands.

Knives are dangerous, but if one has an object longer than a knife, it negates the knife. Yes most people do not have 7 foot long cocks, but all the same a London bar full of American baseball bats would have negated those Muslims in one swing, as much as mop handle.
If one examines Hannity's Asian self defense, the farmers were all disarmed, so they had to resort to pitch forks and rakes, to fend off Samarai from raping their boys and girls and killing said warrior when a few farmers ganged up on the assassins.

While it was only a television program,  TJ Hooker starring William Shatner off Star Trek was an interesting police academy program, because Shatner lectured constantly about the use and control of the Police Baton, Knight Stick or Truncheon.
The weapon looks odd, but when employed with skill and force, amazing results occur. I have witnessed unruly black having their skulls split open by a baton blow. In offensive arts the baton blow on a number of nerve center hits will collapse a leg to a jam to the liver creating a nerve shock that paralyzes the attacker.

The best advice is to never get into a fight, but in close contact, I would trust a Hooker baton over Hannity fists any day, because I would have the reach, and my baton would crack the bones of the blocking adversary, and in moving combat, if one cripples an arm, that weak side presents itself even in offensive leg kicks to smash the knee, and then it is game over.


There is a reason the American Indian and Viking carried the war club, because clubs break things they hit, and hitting bone and breaking it, slows down the murder in the other assailants mind.

There is always a first rule in a lethal fight and that is to flee. If that is not possible, the second rule is to arm oneself with what is available, if of course you are not prepared in already carrying a handgun which made everyone equal.


The collapsing baton as was used on Olympian Nancy Kerrigan was quite effective as they are easily carried and will extend in a moment for full effect. It is the point though to not get into the situations where you need to deploy, and is the mistake of Sean Hannity always lecturing about his hand combat of Sean Kwan Doe, as a blade is a threat as all things are a threat, but as Muslims seem prone to knives, the population should empower themselves in non gun zones with bats and batons to protect themselves when the police run away as in London.

There are just too any variables in hand combat. Hannity is old, he will be slower than his hyped up on dope assailants who are younger. Hannity make ones mistake and it is his last. A baton is like having another person in the fight with you, and that is why people soon got away from Cain rocks to Abel's head, and went for the war club.
It is possible to carry even a Hooker baton concealed as large as they are, providing one does not exist in a liberal death camp metro like London or New York which raises mutton for Muslims.

Of course it all requires practice, but from my experience, I would rather invest a few hours a week assessing the places I am at, in wondering "What would I do if a terrorist appeared here.......what could I use to defend myself?:, and then I would go home to the garage and practice with those things, from a chair to a pen, and then go back to gaining skill with the baton.

There are three factors which prove survival.

The first is your defense. This can be added to with Kevlar, but once your arms deflect enough slices with a knife, some will get through and degrade you.

That is the second defense in making your perimeter expanded, by running away or finding an object to deflect whether it be a chair, a plate or a trash can lid.

The third is stamina. Face it that none of you are as strong or energized as a doped up zombie and your fatigue will wear out as that Jew kid defending Nicole Brown when OJ's kid went psycho.

That means in a knife of fist fight, you bring a gun or baton to stop the situation in warding off the assailant before the distance is closed. Distance is what keeps you alive, and it heightens your chances even in a gun firing at you.
So I do not place a great deal of authority in Sean Kwan Doe techniques, because if they worked so well, the world would have Sean Kwan Doe treaties and not nuclear treaties.

The only thing I would recommend beyond the above, is there should be a directional pitch blast which would not harm the user, but would make the assailant grab their ears along with a high flash strobe. Yes criminals would flow to these like candy too, but in this the lesson always is the same, do not trust your arms, but trust in arming yourself instead.



Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Disease Like Ben Affleck

Sorry Jen, wearing peek a button crotch jeans will not get Ben back
......but you probably should be checked for.........things.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have concluded that Ben Affleck is the vomit of Hollywood in you wonder what dog is going to roll around in it next.

This photo of The Ben, looks like Shrink Me Ben Doll, in who gets an expensive suit made for a midget and wears it to give the impression that Ben is a big boy?


Look at those pencil legs. Looks like a Leghorn hen deprived of nutrition.

Perhaps the chicken look is in, after Ben Boy failed at Bat Boy. Dude destroyed the franchise and it killed Adam West for the disaster Affleck created, but Ben is so secure in career that he quit Netflix production of some picture, to focus on family and not being a drunk.

Apparently Ben Boy's focus was not so much family and booze, but on this Lindsay Shookus. Apparently Ben has been nailing his for two years.


She apparently has a fetish for drunks, cheaters and sweaty dwarfs as her lubrication.

See though what I mean about sweaty Ben? He either sweats or drools or can not use a straw, which points to Shookus hoping to tie the knot, get power of attorney and pull the plug as Ben Boy goes alcoholic dementia as her prenup agreement.

That woman has more thigh leg than Ben Affleck.

Speaking of leg...........


What the hell is on Ben Boy's new sex quest? Is that birth mark, flesh eating bacteria or is this some new sex disease from having the adulterous Ben Boy cover you with body fluids........or is the some alcohol burn as Ben Boy was cannonballing everclear chasers and puked it onto this bottle blonde's legs, and it gave her 3rd degree burns.

Is like you want to request fumigation of your screen when Ben Affleck appears on it, as these people just look diseased. The only good point is with Ben's little legs, you know you can run away from his, as his little legs could not propel him past a 90 year old man in a walker.

A WEBMD.......

There is this person whose symptoms are short little legs, drools all over his shirt, when he has sex with women the women's skin looks like flesh eating bacteria.........can this be Afflecknomia?

Nuff Said


Post Dramatic Email Pause

As a personal note.

I have been having nothing but interesting problems with this blog's email, that most of the children who write to me know the address of as hotmail is corporate terrorism, in extorting people to always  update operating systems.
I run an old laptop on XP which I like. I browse with Firefox, but Microsoft has shut that down this past month, and  I was forced into the old Internet Explorer which looked like a disaster which I have posted a photo of here.

Having enough of that bullsquat, I switched over to another email, but of course I can not go by LC, as since I have become celebrity, the world is full of culls taking my name for email accounts not me.

My point is to the friends, TL still can check hotmail as I am not ending the account. I just am in the process of transferring things which donors will figure out.  I will try and let those know in the next month who drop a note often enough.
Will not make sense to those who are not Maggie and Sandy, but I will still get your notes the way you send them, and to the Viking, Capt. Kirk, Richard & Stephanie, etc... it will get figured out over the next weeks. I just did not want people thinking I was ignoring them or anything has changed. It is just a pisser this email, and TL noticed that Richard & Stephanie's email took a day and a half to show up. That should give notice to the bleaters for Pence, Sessions and K Street that something is really changed worse than Obama, as it mirrors what the British were doing in hijacking emails in MI6 in their illegal security operation against Americans.

Popular girls, le sigh.

So that is the "fix" for now and I am pleased to be getting out of hotmail, as the history is all bad memories of ads taking forever to load, Russian hacking.........yes the Lame Cherry was the original real Russian hacking as they stole my Facebook and my hotmail account, but I love Russians as they are a poor people and no one can blame them for trying to make a buck.

It will all get sorted out, so no worries on your end. Things will be slower for a bit until the whatever is whatever. I actually am excited though as having my time wasted by the deep state is good to be free of.

Any way, I am off to Chicamauga as no vacations here. August is preparations of Civil War month in heaps of undiscovered history. The present just keeps getting in the way.

There are two kinds of bleaters in this world. Stupid people and people too stupid to know they are not that smart.

- Lame Cherry

Nuff Said



Trump Spikes Number of Foreign Workers More than Obama

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As Mr. High Rise has surpassed Birther Obama in invader raping these United States with slave labor, it is a point that no one should expect anything from this regime, and expect it to be worse than an Obama 3rd term ruled by Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush.

Trump officials order 15,000 new visas for low-wage, seasonal workers

 None of you should be conned any longer in these are necessary workers, as America has 95 million Americans out of work, and the reason these slave labor industries keep importing more foreigners, is because these foreigners NEVER LEAVE, but stay in American illegally and take Americans jobs.

Just look at the list of "workers" and "industries" involved in this charade:

Visas for more than 120,000 positions have been requested so far in fiscal 2017, according to Department of Labor statistics. And the seafood industry, which began its hiring season in April, competes with other industries, such as landscaping and tourism, that rely heavily on temporary summer workers.

 The H-2B program has drawn strong bipartisan support in the past because lawmakers have a vested interest in supporting their states' most critical industries - whether it's crab-picking in Maryland, ski resorts in Colorado or logging in Washington. But some senators are criticizing their colleagues' efforts to bypass public debate about changing immigration law.

Any of you ever priced an Aspen vacation where the Kushner billionaires go to get away from you Americans? How about seafood lately in how that is like gold? How about a 12 dollar 2 x 4 - 16 foot long that we just purchased.
Landscaping for millionaires and billionaires and tourism are now slave labor jobs. Ask yourself what the fricking hey some goddamn foreigner who can't speak English is any good in America, telling you about the wonders of Sea World?

You should get the point that these are ALL high priced jobs, and not these damned summer jobs. What this chit is all about is more Silicon Valley slave labor coming in at 10 dollar an hour Indian paddies, replacing about to retire 60 year old White men, so the companies do not have to pay benefits after 40 years on the job to an American.

U.S. Doesn't Know How Many Foreign Visitors Overstay Visas ...

U.S. Doesn't Know How Many Foreign Visitors Overstay Visas. ... How many foreign visitors ... was granted entry to the United States under a K-1 visa, ...

US Immigration Fears Terror Threat From 6,000 Missing on ...

... entered the United States on student visas, ... number of foreign students entering the United States ... visa holders have been arrested in the United ...

But let us haul in another 15,000 more than Obama into the United States, because America is not rotting in the grave fast enough. 

This is not Pedro out in the horse shed, shoveling shit. This is some Chicom in air conditioned comfort stealing your jobs more often than not, because the Chicom can be paid five bucks less than the American, because the Chicom will exist in some 30 person house where they all eat, drink and shit out of and in the toilet.

And who is leading this push, BREAKING HIS PROMISE TO AMERICANS IN THE CONTRACT WITH AMERICA? Why none other than President Donald Trump, who creates no Americans jobs, but hands out Squatter Cards to this foreign vermin, replacing American workers in this massive slave labor scam.

"I've hired in Florida during the prime season - you could not get help," Trump said during a 2015 primary debate. "Everybody agrees with me on that. They were part-time jobs. You needed them, or we just might as well close the doors, because you couldn't get help in those hot, hot sections of Florida."

The time for excuses for Mr. High Rise is over. This is a billionaire, who uses other people's money at risk, then defaults, and they lose their investment and Mr. High Rise goes off and hires more foreign slave labor.

Initiation fees at Trump's exclusive Mar-A-Lago club drop ...

Initiation fees at Trump's exclusive Mar-A-Lago club drop from ... instead only paying $100,000 for membership ... Cost $2.5m to build, sold to Donald Trump in ...

In case you missed it in the above, it is only 100,000 dollars for a basic membership at a  Trump resort. That means Trump resorts earn, millions of dollars. Yet Donald Trump tells the world that he just can not get Americans to work at his posh surroundings and has to hire slave labor like all of these other frauds.

The fact is Donald Trump will not pay an American a living wage, due to this Wall Street inflation from Bush, Clinton and Obama, and Donald Trump can afford it. Sure Donald Trump slips a 100 dollar bill to a waiter at his restaurant and looks like Mr. Big Tip, but the fact is Donald Trump like all of these plantation owners got their billions screwing Americans out of jobs.

None of these swindlers is like Henry Ford who actually paid his workers at Ford enough money, so they could afford to by a Model T, as Henry Ford cared about the American People.

For those still making excuses for Donald Trump and his 10 figure crowd of the rich slave masters, look at this statistic about what it is like to work for Donald Trump, proving what was stated in Trump pays slave wages.

This is the screen grab from Trump Entertainment:

Trump Entertainment Resorts Salaries

Updated February 6, 2017

34 salaries (for 31 job titles)
Salaries in $ (USD)
$13.99 hourly
2 salaries
About $48k - $57k
1 employee salary or estimate
About $21 - $22 hourly

So you comprehend the above, as the chart explains it all, Donald Trump for security officers pays 13.99 an hour, the industry norm is 12 to 17 dollars.
That is bottom rung as in slave labor wages, from a billionaire, who makes millions of dollars every year.

But, you must remember that when Donald Trump is paying the salaries it is Mr. Miser, but when it is you the taxpayer in the Trump White House, then the 100,000 dollar a year jobs just bloom like a festering gonorrhea pimple.

Those are the facts in Donald Trump lied to his voters. He is pouring into the United States more foreigners than Obama from the diseased to these slave laborers, who never leave the United States.

I will repeat 95 million Americans are out of work. Perhaps if Donald Trump was like Sean Hannity who is a most generous employer with Hannity's tax deduction money, then none of this would be an issue from billion dollar Colorado Ski Resorts or billion dollar Weyehauser forests in Washington.......and the thing of this is, is that ALL employee salaries are tax deductible, meaning Donald Trump and his Gary Cohn Jew Street swindlers actually pay less in taxes in write offs, by paying a higher salary. That though is something which these swindlers will not do as they just can not have Americans with money, as who would drool over  the Trumpenfuror's cosmetic body tits, as everyone would have perky Ivanka breasts when they could buy them.

Donald Trump is not Mr. High Rise. He like all of these other rich people are Mr. Low Wage unless it is your money they are spending.

Those are the facts in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.



The Chit People Toss Away

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is five days before the 4th of July that I type this and I am supposed to be typing up wondrous revelations sure to embalm your minds in things too shocking to deal with, but instead  I am doing something I will enjoy in Emeril pans.

I think I heard of them on Create TV in sponsoring some show, as they are from Tfal, but the story goes like this.

Two weeks ago I was in the junk shop and spotted this awful calcium glum looking 6 quart pot. Checking the copper bottom, I saw it was Reverewear American, so for a 1.50 I picked it up. One thing good about old people dying and burning things on the stove is their shitty children will not clean it up, and it will be tossed and the hoodlums at goodwill, will not put a high price on it.
That is how I have my entire cook pan set, is they are pans burned and boiled to scum, because old folks croaked and the smoke is probably what alerted the EMT's.

So I get home and peal the tag off and another tag for 1.80 was under it. Yes screw 30 cents more out of poor people as I have noticed the clever pricing as of late.

So today I was rummaging about the shop and there was this set of pans scattered all over called Emeril and the lights went off in they are spun stainless steal, enclose copper bottom, and heavy as a horse. It was stupid and I told TL so, but TL said to get them in the 4 quart was 4 dollars, the 10 inch was 3 dollars and the 8 inch was 2 dollars. Nine bucks with another 1.50 for a 4 1/2 quart Revereware.

If I could educate you, in most cases, it is best to have in your cooking the deep 4 to 6 quart pans and kettles. In making rice, the bigger pans produce a better product due to surface area and in most cases, you are not going to boil anything over. I detest small pans and bowls. You can do in a big bowl what you can in a little bowl, so get the big bowl because you can't do in a small bowl what you can in a big bowl.

That is your cooking lesson and get good pans, but not the expensive pans as in most cases you are not getting anything but cheated.

So I looked these Emeril pans up.

The 4 quart, which I did not get the lid was 99 dollars.....I figure mine was around 60.

The 10 inch was was 67 dollars.

The 8 inch was  34 dollars.

So for 160 bucks for my 9, I think I did ok by God.

Just checked and they do not give Revereware away either. Criminy bob, 38 bucks for the non versions of the nice versions I picked up for 3 bucks.

I just do not get people in death in cleaning things out of their parents homes. This Emeril pan is from an adventure that some old gal embarked on. Husband probably croaked and she splurged and got herself some nice pans........did not use them too overly much, but all the same she used them enough to gunk up the bottom of one. The end result is the kids swoop in, throw out the entire house that does not look like dead presidents as they can not be bothered with the old lady.
I do not understand that stuff, but it has been very good for me, and I take the pans out for a nice adventure from time to time. The Emerils will appear in our home, as I cleaned them up and when we are no longer homeless, we will have some pans to do something in. They really are pretty signature pans in have some copper or pink in the Emeril brand name.

I know kids can not be hauling chit across the country as things are heavy, but shit sakes my greedy Aunt hauled back tons of chit from Gram and Gramps she stole to grab onto. I would think that expensive pans would be something you would keep, but I suppose people think they are work and most of these end baby boomers eat out of plastic microwave stuff and never figure out that old pans and new pans are quite valuable.

Still I would have liked to have gotten them on the 25 sale as I get most things, but this time I figured someone would get scooped in a few weeks.............not that I needed them, but right now I would be kicking myself for not splurging that much on pans.

I will dream of cooking things in them like chicken breasts or Jacques Pepin rabbit..........I like squirrel better, but I like Jacques and do a good impression of him as I cook.......OK.

I better quit enjoying life. What do you think this is a cooking class.

Nuff Said