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Melania Trump Did Not Promise A Thing

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Eastern Europeans are a lovely people. I particularly adore those Peoples who stood against the Muslim invasion of Europe and suffered most. All of them have either been eaten by Muslims, beaten by the Vatican or pressed under some jack boot for all of their existences.

It is why I appreciated Melania Trump, Melanija Knavs, which is a beautiful name, as the roots of her people show through in all she does in Slovenian nature. The Eastern European is a polite, reserved, common sense, intelligent and frugal people. One simply has to be that way after centuries of occupation. Boasting got you hung and being aggressive got you into an army and killed.

It is with this, that the Lame Cherry delights in the perfect way that Melania Trump is managing the Office of the First Lady of the United States. I simply have had it since Jackie Kennedy was Ambassador to the world, and every ugly or low self esteem woman who was married to a President, has either blundered the role or decided to compensate for lack of knowledge with making it their own fiefdom of a royal court.

Melania Trump though has in this 666 billion dollar deficit and 21 trillion dollar budget bankruptcy, has cut the office staff of the FLOTUS and the budget.
The First Lady has slashed her budget by 2/3rds and slashed her staff almost by 2/3rds too.

Nom de Deus, why does a Slovenian Immigrant, who worked when she came here, is still working, became an American Citizen GET IT, and those frauds in Congress and her husband's White House who are whores to the Nazi  (Obama's national socialist conglomerate state) remain traitors to America, instead of having the love of America to do the right thing!!!

During then-President Barack Obama’s first year in office, 16 people were listed working for Michelle Obama, earning a combined $1.24 million a year.
This year, just four people were listed working for Melania Trump as of June. Their salaries totaled $486,700.

The details are contained in an annual report the White House sends to Congress showing the names, positions and salaries of all its personnel. Both the Obama and Trump administrations acknowledged several additional staffers beyond those listed in the report with the term “first lady” in their titles. But even counting all those employees -- 24 for Michelle Obama and nine for the current first lady -- Melania Trump's office is relatively small.

It's an approach her spokeswoman says is intentional.
“As with all things that she does, she is being very deliberate in her hiring, focusing on quality over quantity,” communications director Stephanie Grisham said in an email. “It is important to her that the team is a good fit for what she wants to accomplish as first lady, and that everyone works well together. She also wants to be mindful and responsible when it comes to taxpayer money.”

The only problem I have ever had with Melania Trump is her contact with that Pater Pope. That is ignorance in her Catholic faith, and her example caused problems in praying for an organ for a child and another child died. Those are lessons which are part of life's learning to not be repeated. This Pater Pope is not someone to be emulated or for a First Lady to lead the weak of mind to. The Faith of the First Lady is what the Catholic should emulate, not putting on veils and honoring the prince of Rome.

In this Melania Trump's Christian approach is new to the White House as it is sincere and real. She is about the only Christian person in this 45th Presidency that Mike Pence and the Kushner's have not religicided. She is refreshing in not being the preening Jackie Kennedy, the statuesque Lady Bird Johnson, the stoic Pat Nixon, the awkward Betty Ford, the hands into everything Roselyn Carter, the reserved Nancy Reagan, the cold Barbara Bush, the behemoth of Hillary Clinton, the matronly Laura Bush and the manly Michelle Obama. This freshness of the First Lady in understanding Americans and Americans connecting with her reserved character is exactly the attribute of heart and soul which America longs for.

Melania Trump never grabbed power. Never pushed people out of the way. She quietly came to her vocation, with placing her son Barron first, and she has led by example. Her example is exactly what EVERY American voted for in 2016, whether right or left. We want leaders who do not impose their wills on us and quietly do their job without offending everyone.
Melania Trump is no Jael Ivanka Kushner, and thank God for that, as Ivanka is exactly what has plagued the White House, since that hulking Franklin Roosevelt's shemale decided the First Lady needed to be not just a Woodrow Wilson wife in usurping power, but a man in the job too.

There is only one good thing, one accomplishment in this Trump White House, and that is Melania Trump, cutting budgets, cutting staff and doing it all without having promised a  thing, nor sought out attention for what she was doing for the White House and the American People.

God bless Melania Trump and the Lame Cherry is thankful and grateful for this wonderful Lady, who in her Slovenian roots has accomplished everything that John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan promised.

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An American La David Johnson in His African Bush

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I feel a great deal of empathy in the saga of La David Johnson for Gorilla Cernovich who posted some man love for Junta Kelly at the presser in hoping that Kelly had been President instead of Donald Trump. It is not easy to be in this business and be moved to post things for a narrative. It is as Jackie Gleason stated, "CBS knew what they were doing in the train for me, giving me every perk in the world, so that when I balked, they had me, because I was addicted to the life".
It is as the old Stag told Bambi in the forest, you start protecting the doe and fawn, instead of yourself, as you agree to things which you would not normally post.

As for Junta Kelly, I found his presser halting and worthless, because he staggered over the President and focused on the politics, and never stated what needed to be stated, as it is being stated in every story, but the entire brain dead world does not comprehend what the stories are informing you of, but anyone who has been in the briar patch knows exactly what happened.

Sgt La David T. Johnson | Abagond

His body was not recovered for two ... They found him before the signal from his military beacon ... That is how Sgt. La David Johnson was left behind.

I have had it with the SALOOT crowd in praising all these uniform wearers like they were Sgt. York. Junta Kelly spewed the same thing about the "finest Americans" when the fact is the President had it about right when he said about John McCain in I want the guy who is not the fumducker who gets captured, not the guy who was.
You do not get to be the finest, nor a hero, just because you are above ground or buried in it. That is what the bastardization of all of this is the problem in this, is because no one knows but God what is in these soldier's souls.

La David Johnson was not the finest. He could not considering his environment of existential experience. The finest are as Teddy Roosevelt counseled in they grow up on wild game, they play with guns, their first step into manhood is trapping furs for money, their initiation into manhood is their first deer. They fixate on guns as tools and not weapons. They have been in the dark and afraid, of those sounds which they do not know what they are, but they tough it out as not carrying on, will get you forever stuck cooking with the women at the house.

La David Johnson was bling. He is like all of this military in the majority which has never had a real experience with predators and the hunted. He could not recognize danger because he could not FEEL IT as that sense had not been honed in him. If his GPS, his nightvision and his radar print are not doing the feeling for him, he is blind, deaf and in a coma to the real world of combat.

Try this one on for reality:

CNN reports that military intelligence showed it was “unlikely” they would run into enemy forces.
They were meeting with locals and advising Nigerian forces. When more than 50 ISIS fighters opened fire with rocket propelled grenades and machine guns.
In the chaos that ensued, Johnson became separated from his fellow soldiers. He was found dead nearly 48 hours after the firefight.
The Pentagon’s Africa Command does not know for sure if he was wounded and alive on the battlefield, and if he was even for a brief time in ISIS hands.

You have no blessed idea what you just read, but the Pentagon did, Junta Kelly did, but this tarheel named Frederica Wilson did not, and if that boy's Mama had known, she would not have chosen to use her boy's corpse as a bat to beat Donald Trump with, because the above tells it all.

Remember I informed you that he has NO SENSE, nor did any of his group. He was a Sgt. in Special Forces Green Beret at 25. That is Obama fast track affirmative action, to come back home a hero, to unseat some Republican in Congress just like that gimp in Illinois was tapped for who was ragging on Trump over this too, as she did not know either.

A Green Beret Sgt. should be on the side of 30 years old, with some real Army training, but then this boy was not trained as his parents never took him hunting, so the real combat was a foreign land of electonics and trusting what the brass tell you.

So the boy is 25 and in charge. He is presenting in front of the Negroids, and he walks into a trap of RPG's and full auto fire. Pay attention now as do you know what happens in a fire fight with civilians around?
They run for their black ass lives just like you would do.

Now for what no one is telling you and is the reality, La David Johnson was just like that Daniel Boone song of long ago,

Daniel Boone was a man
Was Big Man
But the bear was bigger
So he ran like a nigger up a tree.......

The military can only brainwash young minds to a point. In a combat unit, you are going to have about 5 gung ho types, 10 that hunker down and five SOB's that freeze solid like a popscicle. That is reality of combat in a blown position.
and when the shit hits the baobob tree you know what happens? Some boy finds his legs and runs for his life.

You do know they have digital camera feeds on these operations and the Pentagon is acting like they are flying blind on La David Johnson. Everyone knows this hero, this finest American, ran to save his life as that is what his instinct told him over his brainwashing.

The reason they could not find his body, is because he tore ass out of there into the jungle. He was either firing blind or ISIS got a bleeder and this AWOL went MIA.
ISIS did not have him, and you know why? Because ISIS would have used him as bait for another ambush or they would have wired the body to KIA some other finest Americans to flag clothing at the burial mound.

That is what the brass knows and is not saying, as it is bad for the hero image and they do try and protect those families from the facts getting out. In this case, we can  thank Resistance Mama and Resistance Fred for using this dead boy as a battering ram in politics, so that people started looking at the details and started examining the situation, and some popular girl just happened to post the events on the evidence, because all of this BLM Antifa Resistance is getting America closer to a Herbert McMaster nuclear war which all of us are going to find ourselves running through the jungle over.

Calling La David Johnson a coward is incorrect as he was a product of banning American things like Davy Crockett and John Wayne, driving up Winchester 94 prices and ammo shortages under Obama, and these political officers being promoted to run for Congress to overthrow America on every level.

Now you know by explanation of the evidence above, and you reading that evidence can see it is as plain as Stephen Spielberg in Saving Private Ryan that scene of that coward white boy pissing himself as a German knifes his buddy.

We now have McCain, Obama, Bush and Clinton ISIS for more profits as the cartel tells us there are boogermen out there we just got to go spend trillions of dollars to fight. It is commerce, just like the death benefits the Mrs. will get, and we will be stuck paying these kids a fortune until they are 21 years of age in Social Security, but the bankers will not as they just create the money on keyboards while we have to work for it.
It all would have just been better if this family got their money, got the big sign up bonus, got the flag, accepted the lie about how heroic it all was, but instead this is Obama Resistance in what it does, using up more dead Afroid kids for fodder and being exposed in the end for what fools their leaders are.

This narrative is placed here as all Lame Cherry narratives are, to expose the facts, so the nits scurry away back to the dark as the Light of Truth always does that, and it is a most uncomfortable thing.

Slain US Special Forces hero's aunt says Trump is an 'SOB' and 'liar ...

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The Vegas Floor Show of Stephen Paddock

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The problem which Americans  have is they are inundated deliberately with a mind numbing information flow, so that even reading the same Mockingbird condition words triggers in their response a shut off, mind numbing condition, so they recoil and stop processing information, as they are deliberately overloaded.

Couple this reality with people are not as intelligent or experienced as they think, that the media is filled with minders claiming to be experts, that the response is a shade of doubt in all information being being processed. It is the forensic psychology of the BLITZ BRAIN, and only clever little stimulus like that BLITZ BRAIN firing off and delighting in your brains for a new thought process, begins to cut through the fog all of you function at, which was deliberately designed by the cartel to herd all of you as bleaters, as you tell yourself you are not being herded at all.

Someone wrote to me this past week stating that they read the blog daily in order to gain this blog's unique perspective, as the Lame Cherry processes information differently than the rest of you. It is neither compliment not criticism, as it is a reality that the Lame Cherry method is a 21st century forensic philosophy, beyond Socrates in turning a  subject back upon itself with continuous questions, but instead is a God Inspired vision of examination beyond Socrates in pealing away layers as an onion, but a philosophy of observation and by Inspiration, common sense and intelligence, factoring in the human process of 80 humans out of a hundred will form a pattern, and the other 20 out of a hundred will break that pattern in unique divergences, which will form a sub pattern in those groups for a combined group.

This is about the 200 shots said to be fired by Stephen Paddock at Jesus Campos. I have already pointed and proven the reports were wrong and changed as:

First report stated it was 200 rounds through the door.
Second report stated it was 200 rounds into the hall.

First report was 2 bump stocks which Stephen Paddock had after his home was searched.
Second report was 12 bump stocks which Stephen Paddock possessed in his hotel rooms.

Reasons for the divergent reports are the human psychology of those leaking information. First reports feed a news cycle which will accept anything. Second reports are law enforcement and reporters critiquing the first leaks, and producing a new narrative which fits the developing scenario.

Information is picked apart here, because the majority of you are not experts on firearms, nor any of this world that Stephen Paddock operated in. Once you are aware of situations of multiple stories are being changed, and aware that the information you are being told is not correct, then you will begin asking the questions and the brain fog you have been put in, begins to clear.
The Lame Cherry is the warm sun and cool breeze which blows away the morning mysts shrouding your minds, so that you begin to see a blue sky and realize you are in a bigger world than the one where you can only see the screen in front of your face.
See even in the above, changing the reference from hand in front of your face to screen in front of your face, stimulates your mind, pleases it, and makes you think in remembering things, instead of shutting your mind down as the cartel intends to imprison you, and you begin to walk free in your thoughts again.

You read these things here and know something is different on the Lame Cherry, but you have no idea what is taking place in decompressing you, because God makes it all so easy, like a locked door gently swinging open and you realize you are free once again to the outside world.

200 rounds.

200 rounds, and by the link below, it is one step more in WELL OVER TWO HUNDRED ROUNDS.

Las Vegas gunman shot security guard a full six minutes ...

The Mandalay Bay security guard who was shot by the Las Vegas gunman was shot before Stephen Paddock began ... Police said Paddock fired 200 rounds into the hallway.

Next we ask questions, did he shoot through the door, did he open the door and shoot into the hallway, or was he shooting through the door into the hallway?

These are important as these are the official reports. So we ask another question in if these were 223 caliber or quarter inch, would not 200 quarter inch holes in a door sort of make it like Swiss cheese as that would be 50 inch size holes, and if one has 50 inch size holes in a door or 200 quarter inch size holes in a door, would it not be something which would be easily breached and not require explosives?

As Jesus Campos was hit once in the leg, that means Stephen Paddock was firing low, and he fired centered, so the bullet holes would be concentrated, making quite an accessible hole in a door........... a door which Stephen Paddock had locked to keep his person safe, so why would Stephen Paddock fire 200 rounds into his safe door, to make it more accessible to law enforcement.

Here are some crime scene photos of the clips or magazines from Stephen Paddock's rifles in the room.

The above is not a high capacity clip for a semi automatic, nor is the clip in the rifle it is laying beside with a bipod to the left. These would be in the 20 to 30 clip range and a full auto would eat that ammo in seconds, causing stoppages in firing as Paddock would have to reload.
These appear to be 308 and not 223 clips. The bi pod is worthless on a full auto, so this would be a semi automatic for single fired shots, as in sniping, but there was not heard any single shot sniping patterns in the audio, and yet here is such a weapon. Actually the two closets weapons in this staged photograph both carry bipods and would be considered single firing weapons.

Next photo is the big magazines or banana clips, which were located stacked and to the left of the first photo above.

The rifle on the right with the bipod has a 30 round type clip. The other grey colored magazines are double stacked clips, and stacked by the large pylon.

These would be 100 round clips as  in most cases it is difficult to obtain 50 round banana clips in 223 as they instead are the 50 round drums. I will provide examples.

This would be the  50 round drum magazine which Paddock did not have.

This would be the 100 round banana clip magazine which it appears were in place. 14 of which are stacked by the pylon. As the price of these  list at 161 dollars, that is 2254 dollars in magazines in that one small pile. No one is making any of these points in their reports.

Now we return to the 200 shots fired into the hall, or well over 200 shots.

By the death photo, Stephen Paddock did not have hearing or eye protection. This is important, as when one fires large amounts of ammo, it hurts your hearing literally, and it makes one go deaf. The gases from the gun powder detonating in enclosed spaces starts burning the eyes. It also makes one cough as it is smoke.
Now add to this a door, as if it is metal encased it is going to spark from the bullets. If it is wood, this many bullets is going to have it splintering and chips are going to be flying back at the shooter. It is a most unpleasant thing to shoot full autos in confined spaces.
Add to this reality now, that we know for certain that the law enforcement said 200 rounds or well over 200 rounds. There are only 100 round banana clips as Mr. Paddock did not have drum clips, so he had to reload. He was not carrying a second gun as none of these firearms had slings, as he needed his hands free to control the one weapon he was firing.

So Paddock empties a 100 round clip, or was it a 30 round clip. The point is he had to reload, at least an additional clip. Look at the symmetry of that 14 clips, neatly stacked by the pylon. He certainly did not touch any of those clips, and the weapons on the floor with 100 round clips all have their clips in place. The furthest has a clip laying by the rifle which has been removed. It is not tossed aside, but neatly put into place on the floor.

Once again Paddock fired 200 or well over 200 rounds into the door or the hallway. The question is why?

He had the nanny cam so he know Jesus Campos was all alone. He had the nanny cam so he knew Campos had run away. So why after a minute of firing 100 rounds, taking the time to load another clip, or perhaps picking up another rifle with a 100 round magazine, would Stephen Paddock, having his nanny cam, knowing the hall was empty, open up on a door or empty hall way again.
That would indicate rage and by the neatly stacked magazines before and after firing, there was not any rage in Stephen Paddock's actions.

We are told that 200 to well over 200 rounds were fired into the hall, which would alert everyone, but Paddock does not chase Campos down the hall to finish him off, but instead stays in the hotel room 7 more minutes silently, before he begins firing over the crowd in the first volley. Again we are told again by the press that "Paddock was trying to blow up jet fuel, which would not explode" at a range that the bullets did not penetrate the metal fuel storage tanks and never would. Another fabrication of the media, and it is asked again,  Why is Stephen Paddock reloading once if not twice, deafening himself and blinding himself?"

Some might claim frustration in being discovered, but none of his actions by the gun fire, indicate anything but methodical firing in the audio.

A  man who is said to have been so methodical in sealing doors and watching approaches, sprays shots all through the 32nd floor, where there should be other guests, but no other guests appeared, and NO ONE is bothering to ask about that situation either in how was Stephen Paddock the only human on the 32nd floor of the Mandelay.
Who were in the other rooms. We know someone had to be there as a door was left open and that set off a security alarm which Jesus Campos is said to have responded to, or once again, could it have been Stephen Paddock who did this to be discovered, so that what he was involved with would be stopped.

Remember in this the odd reversals that David John Oates found on Eric Paddock. He was calm, and twice he spoke of money and the police. Again was Stephen Paddock in the employ of the federal government and attempting to stop terrorist activities and attempting to stop a terror attack he may very well have thwarted several times before from Chicago to Boston.

This is what is important about each piece of this puzzle. Those 200 rounds mean something and begin revealing a reality which those who produced that story had not factored in, in the difficulty of firing off full autos in an enclosed space.
It is the same with the bump stocks. They appeared as two from his residence the first reports seemed to point to, but as so many shots were fired, that by magic 12 were found in the hotel, to provide a semblance of cover for how this many shots could be fired, as it required full autos.

Read Eric Paddock's reversals now with a mindset, that the Paddocks were involved with law enforcement. That they were being paid by the FBI and working with them.

Killer's Brother in Florida

Paddock Show you the text, "How's ma, you got power" over hurricane Irma  - I need our money or Paid out Money.

Nothing about politics no religious affiliation - Killer won.

No criminal - America I want to

The feds won't tell me anything cause I might be lying - And I will fight it

He was a private guy - He murder you

Spit on his grave - I believe with him

Pictures show up showing me wrong - I'll wash your shit with it

Caught - Officer we got money

Give them some money shoot a machine gun - Shoot so many

Eric Paddock is saying he believes in his brother. That they were paid money, and that the KILLER who was not Stephen Paddock won in carrying off this event. He states if the Truth came out, that the family will wash your shit in it, or the accusers will eat shit in disgrace.

If 200 or more rounds were fired through that door, it looks more like a distress beacon to the police, as was the door left ajar for an alarm to activate, and as Paddock fired low to only wound Campos, and Paddock never followed up with a kill shot on a security guard he knew was unarmed by the nanny cam.

More for you to examine and think about, as every story in this is full of holes and if one starts looking at this from a perspective of Stephen Paddock was working for someone in the government, then his actions and his brother's reversals begin a scenario which makes perfect sense.

.......and if you want one more strange reality, Eric Paddock went to Las Vegas to be interviewed by police, to put them on the right track, and to gather the ashes of his brother's cremated body, with the touching touch for the aged Mother.
This is being moved so there will not be a  body to prove if this was really Stephen Paddock or he is still walking around in witness protection.

The coroner didn’t say when Paddock’s body would be released to his family or how long it will be before autopsy results are made public.

Eric Paddock said he came to Las Vegas to retrieve his brother’s body in hopes of sending the cremated ashes to their 89-year-old mother in Orlando.

He appears rather in the pink for a corpse drained of all blood.

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Friday, October 20, 2017

Harvey Weinstein: Honest as the Day is Long

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Psychologically, the treatment which Harvey Weinstein is suffering through is going very well for him, as he is an Alpha Male, who is not going to be bullied, thrown into group therapy nor be caged up with a bunch of losers who keep stating that they are not strong enough to stop destroying themselves.

 “He insists he never raped or assaulted anyone, and that all the encounters were consensual. He realizes he has acted like an a–hole, but he still insists he’s not a rapist. He does have his phone, but when he is in therapy, he has to give it to someone else,” the source said, adding, “The characterization of what he said and what happened at the group session isn’t true.”

As there is no evidence that Harvey Weinstein raped anyone, but was simply acting like a male, in males who have been championed and promoted from Don Juan to Rudolf Valentino, to Bill Clinton to whatever else Hugh Hefner has been nailing anything that moved and women spread eagle for them, there should be not any reason he should admit to being a rapist or criminal, and that the reality is in Harvey Weinstein's world is that when a woman holds still long enough for a sex act to occur or for her to do things to Harvey, it was consensual.

Literature is full of stories of women and men. One I remember in a squaw Sioux who was traded to a white man, as the wife, and she tried to kill him with a knife. He had enough of that, beat the hell out of her, and she settled down to be the best wife any husband could ever want and he was right pleased. She was a wild Indian and just needed to be shown she had a man who could handle her and she respected that.
It is no different than the sea Captain having a rough crew that tried to murder him, and he just beat them almost to death with a sail pin. They settled down after that, because as the Captain said, "They just needed to know a man was over them who they could respect".

Of course the laws are now written where the above men would be in prison for life, but those laws ignore the human condition. The reason Harvey Weinstein acted the way he did, is because all of those women he was with did not have men in their lives from relatives to husbands who would have shown up and beat the hell out of him and mashed his balls.
See Harvey Weinstein as a Jew has been protected by that holocaust to do whatever he damn sick pleases and he used it. It is just the system now and Harvey has this right in he really offended some woman and now her husband is in a powerful enough position in the deep state to ruin him.

I am reminded of old Hollywood, where one guy said to a friend, "You know I ask everyone woman I meet to have sex."
The friend repllied, "Don't you get slapped allot?"
 "Sure", he said, "but I get allot of sex too".

It is always about "What her ass meant in harassment".

Another Hollywood story was about a Harvey Weinstein who was nailing every woman around, except one gal. Literally the guy said, this woman and her husband, called him up, cornered him, and demanded to know why that big shot was not screwing her like he was everyone else, as was she not good enough for him.

Harvey Weinstein had  tastes, sometimes he was just horny and needed relief, but he had taste. What would be more embarrassing is the woman like this Blake Lively married to Ryan Reynolds in Harvey took a pass on her. I mean the old perv is chasing every slit on two continents, and does not hit on that woman, and a host of other women? It is like what did Harvey know.

Weinstein is in a Catch 22 in this in he can not admit to being more than an asshole, or he is going to be sued till his balls are blue by Gloria Alred in a cash pay out in courts. So he can feign remorse as he defends himself, but all he can do is plough on, make Mel Gibson box office billions, donate to the right people, and no one will care, and in that future, someone will finally tell Harvey Weinstein who wanted to cut his balls off and hang them on a wall.
Was it because assaulted a woman, was it because the woman gave in for the cash and now does not want to be called a whore, or was it because some woman is furious that Harvey never bath robed her in a hotel room.

Look so you understand this, Harvey Weinstein was never handsome. Somewhere women made him feel like they do most males. When Harvey got power, he got offended that women were throwing themselves at him for a job and not him. So he liked seeing how far he could push people who would sell their souls as how could he respect idiots with no morals, as they did not respect him or themselves.

It is like this idiot David Cross, who did the locker room pissing contest with some Chinese gal ten years ago, and she got offended, and now Cross' wife is going off on him in Twitter as she does not want to be Mrs. Harvey Weinstein.

David Cross Accused of Racist Behavior by Charlyne Yi

The comedian took to Twitter to respond to the Yi accusations of racist remarks saying that he and Yi may be "misremembering" the event.

It is called being a guy, and that is what little boys have to deal with in other males belittling them as all those pretty girls make snide comments about them. That of course is never addressed, and what creates a Harvey Weinstein.
Little boys get to go die in wars, until some woman decides they are husband material, and then the guy gets to work himself to death for that woman until she decides to trade up, and he gets to pay for raising brats and his ex wife getting nailed by a new loser.

It is a crime to be a man now, because it was criminalized to remove the Christian virtue out of the West, so we all could return to the cave men, where in this venue, the women have a police state to beat the men to death so the women can rule.

If Harvey Weinstein has the sense and protection, he should give the media a bigger platter to fry, and that means pedophiles. He knows which gays in Hollywood, in media and politics who were molesting children. Weinstein becomes a champion of children to "make amends for being an asshole as women treated him badly as a child", and everyone will forget about Harvey, as Harvey is only one of two people in Hollywood who can make money, and Hollywood is bankrupt, and the industry needs him.

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The Trumpman Cometh

 I say one thing, he says the other

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is just a reminder of how I have been looking out for all of you, in this blog warned you to get your waivers or whatever was necessary for your IRS tax forms, as Obamacare did not go away, no matter what Donald Trump told you or you talked yourself into.

IRS to block, suspend tax returns that lack Obamacare disclosures

  • The IRS says it will not accept electronic tax returns that do not disclose whether the filer had health insurance coverage during the year.
  • It also says it will suspend paper returns that do not have the disclosure.
  • The IRS' move, which will bolster compliance with Affordable Care Act rules, comes as the Trump administration takes other steps to undercut the law.

The IRS is coming after you if you are not complying with rationed death as they are not going to cut anyone any slack.

Of course this is infuriating, but this is not the IRS' fault. They have Obama and Bush liberals in their leadership positions, who answer to Congress people, who are in Congress, because the Conglomerates have a Nazi pipeline into that trillion dollars Obamacare funnels to them every year.
This is why these tax cuts are bullshit too. Trump Cohn lowered your deduction from Obama 14,400 to Trump Cohn 12,000 in what you are taxed at now. Gone is the 50,000 in no one paying taxes and now it is at poverty level 25,000 dollars that the poor are paying record taxes for, as the Conglomerates get their money funneled to them, from the US Treasury as the IRS is mandated to collect all that record Obama Trump revenue.

This is one of many reasons I no longer believe a thing about Donald Trump in what he says. No more than this horseshit Steve Bannon is shoveling. It is all DIVERSION in Bannon is bad cop and Trump is good cop to the GOP, and you know what that get you in the end? That gets you in the end NOT JOHN KENNEDY or RONALD REAGAN GOVERNMENT, but more of this Wall Street Nazi state Bush Obama Clinton rapine of America.

So get your papers in order in proof on this Obamacare as you have done the past three years. If you decided to pay the fines, then that is what you have to be ready for as prices spike, and as insurance balloons.

None of this was meant to Make America Great Again, it is the same old looting of America, where Bannon throws Roy Moore at you, and that election will probably be thrown for a democrat, and scurry you Americans in defeat again to hinterlands, so this can all go back to the US Board Room, managing this sham economy for the 1% in the globalists.

Do not get drawn into the protests. Stay home. Do not make yourself a target and for your sake stop trusting all those moles from the FBI on your Facebook and Twitter who are reporting on you. Comply with the law and pay your taxes, as those people stuck enforcing the law, are targets too and are only trying to protect their slave lives like you are.

Blocked and suspended tax documents mean penalties which you will have to pay.

Nuff Said


Jesus Campos and the not so bloody Trail

The Security Guard with Coke Bottle Glasses to See

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The intrigue which surrounds the Las Vegas Massacre is one which keeps growing by leaps and bounds with a Judge now ordering evidence to not be destroyed in the cover up.

REPORT: Vegas hotel insisted security guard only appear on 'ELLEN' to avoid tough timeline questions...


. We can discern that the disappearing Jesus Campos, was told to shut up by MGM, his employers, when he was about to appear on several media outlets, including Sean Homo Hannity. The purpose is now obvious in Campos was given a new time line, which MGM has progressed to keep it from being sued, and this of course is tampering with a criminal investigation, but it explains who Campos arrived at Ellen DeGenneris' state act, in MGM owns this lesbian and her show, so what was scripted on Ellen was propaganda  and she was involved.
The problem is as this blog has exposed is the narratives which MGM concocted and their employees have signed off on, do not stand the test of examination.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Why did Jesus Campos Stand Down on the Las Vegas Shooting?

The most pertinent question at this point is, was there a rather huge bag of cash presented to Jesus Campos as the focus of Ellen was focusing on "We tried to force money into these two guys pants, but they were just so saintly that they would not take it.....except for football tickets".

How did Ellen blow it? Degeneres airs eight- minute interview
with Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos
who holds key to Vegas shooting
timeline riddle but completely fails*
MGM owns the hotel, Ellen, Ellen's show
and now Campos and his story.


The  Daily Mail produced the Campos narrative and it is important in revealing that the facts of the Campos recitation simply does not add up. Once again, Campos the hero is on random patrol, and is now pinpointed shot in the right thigh.  This is important as you follow along in the sequence of events.

Jesus Campos was on a 'random patrol' on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel when he was shot in the right thigh by Paddock who fired more than 200 rounds through the door of his room.

Next we have Campos own words in "I felt a burning sensation. I went to go lift my pant leg up and I saw blood......"

'I heard rapid fire,' Campos recalled. 'At first I took cover. I felt a burning sensation. I went to go lift my pant leg up and I saw the blood and that's when I called it in on my radio.'  

Alright, Campos hears gun fire. He flees. He feels a burning sensation in his right thigh.

Stop right there and visualize yourself walking down that hall. You feel a burning sensation in your right thigh.

What do you do by instinct?

By instinct, you look down and by instinct, you reach down as your leg is burning and you would touch it.

We know from Campos that he did neither. We know he was bleeding as he stated so or he was told to state this by MGM.

What would make you not look down? Perhaps if you could not see where you were hit? Perhaps if you knew the burning was by your butt, that you would instead not look, but attempt to lift your pants leg to see what the cause was?

The problem with his is, is MGM security guards to not wear Saudi Muslim robes, but pants, as Campos stated. Try and pull your pants leg up so you can get it over your knee..
It simply will not work. Furthermore, if Campos was bleeding so profusely from a right thigh wound, that it was running down his leg, after soaking the back of his pants, he would have left a blood trail and chances are he would have passed out, bleed out, or noted that he felt the back of his pants wet as he was bleeding this much.

This story does not make sense forensically.

Continue on though, in we have deduced that Campos  was shot in the ass. How do you get shot in the ass? The question is do you get shot in the ass from the front, the side or the back? From the back.

From what Campos has specifically stated, Campos is walking down the hallway, hears auto gun fire, flees and feels burning sensations which are not hemorrhoids.

Here is the question, as it is on record that Stephen PADDOCK shot Campos in the first volley THROUGH THE DOOR. That means Campos was walking by the Paddock room, but it means that the magic bullet would have had to have taken a 90 degree turn to hit Campos in the ass, because Campos was shot from behind.

Remember now this is the same door that Schuck, the other witness went by, and did not note any bullet holes in it, debris on the floor, or bullet holes across the hall, after Stephen Paddock blew 100 rounds through it, where one round struck Jesus Campos in the arse as he was running away.

There is absolutely not any way that this MGM story is correct and it could not happen the way it was scripted. The first version from Jesus Campos when he was hailed a hero was bogus that police released. The second version a week later changing the time line in Campos was shot almost 15 minutes before was closer to reality and Campos disappeared, until MGM employee Ellen could present the propaganda. lesbian style. The last version to protect MGM from lawsuits in their staff ran away is as bogus as the other two scenarios, as no one is explaining how Stephen Paddock who is in his room is making 90 degree shots into Jesus Campos' back as he is running down the hall.

It is certain now that we are never going to know what happened on  the 32nd floor, as nothing but lies about Mexican heroes and propaganda to save MGM is being produced. The FBI and Las Vegas police are in cover up mode, and there is not going to be any Congressional investigation as we have all witnessed the ludicrous nature of the fraud of the Russian Hacking, and Jeff Sessions is more interested in examining sexual deviants as victims than in conducting a real criminal investigation, as Mr. Sessions is allowing his own staff to investigate themselves now on Clinton Russian Bribes.

Mandalay Bay is a huge complex. It is almost a quarter section of land, and it stacked to the sky. It has a 1.7 million feet convention center. That is a great deal of real estate for a team of Muslim and Latin shooters to hide in and disappear, leaving Stephen Paddock holding the bag on this LGBT version.

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino is a unique destination resort set on 120 lush acres on the Las Vegas Strip. The resort offers three distinct hotel experiences: Mandalay Bay, a AAA Four Diamond award-winning hotel, with 3,211 luxurious rooms and suites reflecting a modern tropical ambiance; Four Seasons Hotel, a AAA Five Diamond hotel-within-a-hotel, offering 424 newly remodeled rooms and suites; and the stand-alone luxury all-suite Delano Las Vegas that debuted Sept. 2, 2014. Mandalay Bay boasts an 11-acre tropical pool paradise featuring real sand, a wave pool, the only climate-controlled, poolside gaming in the city, Moorea Beach Club includes Toptional bathing and DAYLIGHT Beach Club providing open air entertainment from the world’s top DJ’s. Other property highlights include world-class entertainment at the 12,000-seat Mandalay Bay Events Center, award-winning dining by celebrity chefs and restaurateurs, LIGHT Nightclub, Shark Reef Aquarium and the 1.7-million-square-foot Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Mandalay Bay’s offerings also include House of Blues Concert Hall and restaurant, and The Shoppes at Mandalay Place, a collection of unique boutiques and restaurants. Mandalay Bay recently became home to Michael Jackson ONECirque du Soleil’s latest resident production based on the music and choreography of the King of Pop.
Mandalay Bay’s approach to service and interaction is all about hosting one another. With over 7,000 employees,

I actually went on the MGM site, which is a very large employment corporation of thousands of people, with it's own gay peer rooms. I was reviewing the job application for a Security Officer, and one part jumped out at me, as this is connected to Jesus Campos, in his mandatory job description.

Please note:  This job posting is designed to create a pool of qualified candidates for current and future opportunities.
  • Continuously patrol and monitor all areas of the property.  Maintain vigilance while on duty, respond promptly to all disturbances, and take appropriate action employing proper Departmental procedures.  Be alert for fire and any safety hazards.
  • Provide excellent service to guests and employees in a friendly and courteous manner, resolving complaints and issues raised by both.
  • Respond to emergencies as needed, acting as a First Responder in emergency situations.
  • Perform gaming drops/transactions, including carrying drop boxes and chip carriers per regulations and Departmental procedures.
  • Maintain surveillance of casino areas to deter undesirable activities, check identification ensuring those under 21 years of age are not in the gaming or bar areas.
  • Collect and return lost and found items in accordance with the company policy and procedures.
  • Prepare detailed reports on all security-related incidents. 
  • Assist with traffic control.
  • Operate company vehicles in accordance with Departmental policy.
  • Adhere to proper radio communication procedures.
  • During Hotel and Tower patrols, be alert for suspicious activity, unlocked doors, or any other conditions which may affect safety or security of the property and our guests; checks of maid carts and linen lockers.
  • Meet requirements for carrying and use of firearms as specified in corporate policy. Comply with apprehension, arrest, and control procedures.
  • Maintain a professional, neat and well-groomed appearance, adhering to Circus Circus standards. 
  • Performs all other job related duties as assigned.
  • At least 1 year of customer service experience.
  • Ability to participate in all evacuations procedures to aid guests and employees during an emergency.
  • Ability to learn, demonstrate proficiency and effectively use defensive tactics and handcuffing techniques.
  • Excellent customer service skills.
  • Interpersonal skills to deal effectively with all business contacts.
  • Professional appearance and demeanor.
  • Work varied shifts, including weekends and holidays.
  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Able to effectively communicate in English, in both written and oral forms.
  • Previous casino security experience.
  • Bilingual.
  • Previous experience working in a similar resort setting.

As you can read from the Job Description, one of the primary duties for Security Officers is to check carts in the hall. This is to protect guests from theft and to protect guests from bombs in the hallways. This is important as with this fixation on carts which Paddock was using, and MGM makes it company policy to CHECK CARTS when they are found, neither Campos or Schuck talk about seeing this cart, seeing it by Paddock's room where the auto fire is supposed to be coming from, and none of them state, "Hey I noted that cart as we are supposed to check them".

Vegas shooting well planned - Post Courier

... he set up cameras around the hotel to spy on police, even hiding one in a food service cart. ... Journal Paddock had no military service record and never used his ...

You must understand when you are an employee of a hotel, that when the hotel had part of the job description for you to note carts in the hall, it is for legal reasons, and you will get fired. Because those carts can not be cluttering up the halls for fire hazards. Those carts can be run into and tripped over by drunken guests and MGM gets sued. So when carts are not reported and the Fire Marshal notes this, the hotel gets written up, and the supervisors get flagged and their staff gets fired, because some pervert might be putting cameras on a cart to take upskirts of children, and MGM faces millions in suits and billions in lost revenue.

Yet no one noticed this cart, when it was the featured point in the first stories of Paddock had a camera on it to spy on people, and it was what alerted Paddock that Campos was around, until of course Campos came up with a new version of slamming heavy metal doors is what alerted Paddock to his presence...........and again Paddock was drilling so loudly which Paddock could not hear anything, and yet Paddock heard a door slam from inside his room, A HALLWAY AWAY from the door slamming.

I had absolutely no intention on covering the Las Vegas Massacre, but each day there is a new official story which could not possibly have happened, when it is examined in forensic sciences of human reaction behavior and human sight, sound and thought process.

There is a reason that Jesus Campos has shut up, and it is to protect MGM, so the real story is not discovered, which is closer to Campos ran for his life, and that is how you get shot in your rear thigh.


In closing in this, this is a photo of Mandalay Bay Security in professional at work in their main center. For legal reasons, there are cameras everywhere, including every hallway, including the 32nd floor. There is a reason that footage has not been released and will never be released. It reveals something, along with who Stephen Paddock was really speaking with in his room as guests when he was ordering room service, but the  FBI is now pressuring everyone to say, "Paddock was just fibbing as he was on the phone ordering burgers as no one was with him."

That’s what the waiters are now saying — Paddock was “speaking with others” but he was just pretending
How would room service know he was not speaking to another person?

It is this absolute nonsense which points to one absolute conclusion in this, and another exclusive in matter anti matter, in the person or persons who were in the room with Stephen Paddock who are recorded on the MGM surveillance network, as an FBI agent, agents, mole or moles, involved in what Stephen Paddock had enacting in those two hotel rooms.
No one has stated this yet, and this is the only scenario which makes sense as does Terry Nichols of OKC with his FBI mole supplying him materials.

That is the not so bloody trail of Jesus Campos which keeps revealing itself in all of this.


 This is the real Stephen Paddock from a few months ago, in reality of his Filipino roommate who he met this past spring of 2017 AD in the year of our Lord. He is slim, his hair is dark, and he is not the blimpy white haired zombie of the photos which deluged the internet to set a story into the public's mind.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.



The Resistance Set Up of Donald Trump by the La David Johnson Fringe

 Why is Marco Rubio so joined at the hip with this #NeverTrumper?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As no one is going to say what needs to be stated in the La David Johnson set up of Donald Trump, as this Resistance Operation was designed exactly to use a black man in uniform, with a grieving family, so that Donald Trump would be not able to fight back on Twitter as he normally does. There are realities in this though which require pointing out whether one supports Donald Trump, has now left the Trump Reservation or has been plotting against Donald Trump like a lunatic, as in George W. Bush from day one.

The mother of the Green Beret killed in Africa said President Trump disrespected her son and family when the commander-in-chief called the soldier’s widow and said her husband “knew what he signed up for,” according to a report Wednesday.
“President Trump did disrespect my son and my daughter and also me and my husband,” Cowanda Jones-Johnson told the Washington Post.

La David Johnson was a Sgt. in Special Forces at the age of 25. You have all missed the disturbing reality of that fact and that is why this situation was chosen, so you would not pay attention to the facts.

Behold La David Johnson.


 Johnson was a former employee at the Walmart in Pembroke Pines and was dubbed as the “Wheelie King 305″ by those who knew him. His fascination for cycling and cars started at a young age and continued as he matured.
La David Johnson is Walmart material before he joined the military. There is nothing exemplary about him, so that means under Barack Hussein Obama he was affirmative action promoted by the military due to political reasons. That means he was risen in ranks not on merit from Private and that means he was accepted and passed in Special Forces for race issues.
If you examine the reality of this, La David Johnson was progressed too quickly to ever be entrusted to elite combat status and in the end of his KIA, that is the source of why he is dead. La David Johnson was a Political Soldier in which the Democratic Party and Obama's Neo Chicago Obama library was to groom for community organized overthrow political office in these United States.

How many people do you know have United States Congresswomen show up at their funeral of their dead Soldier? None.

Yet there was Congresswoman "lynch Trump" Frederica Wilson, eavesdropping on a personal phone call from President Trump to La David Johnson's wife, and her supposed first comment was, "He didn't even know his name", according to Ms. Resistance.

The reality is that La David Johnson's mother was in on this, and the source, as she joined with the Congresswoman in this smear against Donald Trump, using her own dead son to conduct a Resistance 2017 attack upon White Privilege in America.

This moves outward in reports that these people were riding around in a limo? Now who pays for a limo? The military? The Congresswoman? Just how was it that all were gathered in a limo, that a phone call was listened in on, and immediately the Fake News media has full access to Congressperson Wilson, spreading lies about the President in the Conversation, KNOWING exactly what to expect and exploit as every President has talking points on the "They knew what they were getting into and knew they would die", as that is what the President is briefed on by the military to say as standard operating procedure.

The links below is a list of the Mockingbird CIA NSA propaganda wing, once again deep state ready for operation, exactly as in the leaks of President Trump's phone calls to foreign leaders, all generating out of Obama Clinton Bush.

Trump failed Sgt. La David Johnson's widow and nation: Montel ...

Join the Nation's ... We all saw pictures of Sgt. La David Johnson's ... This president ran on "respect for the military," which he repeatedly ...

La David Johnson's Mother Says Donald Trump ... -

Military See the Heartbreaking Moment Sgt. La David T. Johnson's Widow Received His Remains. White House 'Totally Fabricated.'

Florida's La David Johnson Named as 4th U.S. Soldier Killed ...

Officials said Sgt. La David Johnson, 25, died from wounds sustained during enemy contact. ... The military says his body was found Friday after an extensive search.

This was a clever political operation, as Frederica Wilson has been engaged in "impeach Trump" and railing that this was "Trump's Benghazi" before the body of La David Johnson was cold. This was at the very least, a black mother using her dead son, to gain political favor with a Resistance Congresswoman to bring down Donald Trump.

The situation of La David Johnson though is the face of the US military in the Political Officers who are pro gay and pro party, are advanced while the best military minds are shoved out the door. That is why one sees this rape military and these officers all being thrown out for being sexual deviants. It is what the military is, and the troops they are leading are blowing 100 holes into bin Laden's corpse's stand in while blowing off his head in the elite unites and the common Soldiers are over exposed and turned into dope heads as the military keeps them going to be trigger pullers.

No one in Congress or  the military is going to review what happened to La David Johnson, as it would bring out the facts that the United States military is sub standard by a generation of promoting the politically expedient, while funding the military industry, in this grande social order experiment.

La David Johnson would have performed acceptably as regular soldier and given another few years as a private, he would have matured, instead of being fast tracked to Sgt, as a leader, who was not prepared and got his men killed.
There is something unspoken in the old US military in the units always noted as did the command those Soldiers who were on point, and could "feel" trouble and never get their units into an ambush. Those leaders became leaders, and they led by that 6th sense to make the best fighting force in the world. That has vanished and it is obvious that La David Johnson had no sense he was leading his group into an ambush, nor did any of those with him.
That is affirmative action military and more to the point, it is the reality of the death of La David Johnson in he was picked by the Obama political minders in the military, singled out for fast track advancement, he was a known quantity to the Congresswoman, and why she was there at the funeral spouting of, because if La David Johnson had lived, he would have been an Obama protege in Florida to overthrow that GOP state. As he died because he was not trained for his position enough in Special Forces, as Rahm Emanuel said, "No crisis will go to waste", so his corpse was put to use by the Resistance, and photographers just happened to be there, with the wife draped over the casket to send the same message as Hillary Clinton pulled in the summer of 2016 with that Muslim Khan, in the first strike attack by the military political community against candidate Donald Trump.

As no one else is going to inform the public of this, it falls to another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. It is time that Congresswoman Wilson be criminally investigated and removed from Congress for her part in this Resistance conspiracy.

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