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I never thought we would witness a bigger scandal than Watergate
Congressman Mark Meadows in a classified briefing to Congressman Matt Gaetz
Documents were reviewed today by Congressional representatives in a vote by Republicans where democrats attempted to suppress these Justice Department documents which reveal in naming names, confirming what the Lame Cherry and others have been focused on for over a year, that there was a deep state coup against President Donald Trump and IT IS CONTINUING from inside the government.

I desire  to point out that this is not Capitol Hill Blue or Q Anon propaganda, but is a literal presentation of evidence which points directly to operatives within Justice, meaning Deputy Attorney General Rob Rosenstein, Deputy Andrew McCabe, Agent Lisa Page, Agent Peter Strzok and the fired Director of FBI, James Comey, in having orchestrated the corruption of FISA warrants based on the bogus Pissgate Dossier, with the expressed purpose, intention and political operation to overthrow the results of the 2016 AD political election of Donald Trump by the American People, and to in this coup, remove Donald Trump as President.

So you comprehend what the above documents which are in Congressional hands after being forced from the grasp of deep state Justice is instead of a group on a Grassy Knoll in Dallas Texas, instead of a group of plumbers at a Watergate hotel, instead of a group of operatives in Iran Contra, taking out John Kennedy, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, the magic bullet in this was the bazooka file of Pissgate and the corruption of the United States Courts, with full propagada of this in coordinated media leaks, with a nuclear tipped warhead called Pissgate to vaporize the American Democratic Process.

What is being assessed at this moment according to Congressman Matt Gaetz is a full release of these documents for the American People to be made aware of what treason has taken place.
This is a reality as stated beyond Blue and Anon, that once this information is made public, that a host of deep state coup plotters will be fired from Rob Rosenstein on down. Remember in this, that it was Rob Rosenstein who positioned himself in advocating the firing of James Comey, another coup plotter to seize control of the witch hunt against Donald Trump and he has been methodically protecting the deep state assets as certain as if he was  a Chinese agent for Peking.

Many times words are overused. This is not the case as this is damning information against those involved on point on this, but it only touches the tip of the ice berg at Justice who ran this operation, for Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton while they were out of office, with full fake news media support.

The Lame Cherry will note in this specifically, that this was a multi faceted operation which is still ongoing, as it was engaged in Trump Trans in removing Loyalists and Christians with dupes involved as the Kushners, in removing Chris Christie to the smearing of Mike Flynn, and a host of others, and those operatives who were first seeded in as Herbert McMaster, expanded the control and manipulation of the President, to force Donald Trump to appoint John Kelly out of Homeland to completely seize control of the Trump Presidency for Obama's 3rd term.
The names named in the document sourced above, are the coup plotter tip, the ice berg which remains are the traitors who were placed inside the Trump Administration for it's complete overthrow.

This is as contrived of plot as John Wilkes Booth against Abraham Lincoln, but in this case it came from inside the government or the exact purpose of removing Donald Trump from the Presidency. This is Watergate and Iran Contra, which affected American foreign policy and now has two simmering nuclear wars with Russia and North Korea.

As Congressman Gaetz stated, this information must be released to the People immediately, and those named must be removed immediately. There must be an immediate investigation into this coup with full criminal prosecution, spiraling out to the fake news media and those lately appointed advisers to the President who are now in control of the Executive Branch.
America can not wait 3 weeks, there must be immediate action by Congress for the security of America and the President.

God help President Trump to move on this for the security of the United States of America.

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Come on Donald, be a good lad, there's the boy

John I'll have your coffee for you when you get back,
would you like me to wear the maid's uniform again
and sing the Obama song?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry really does not take Donald Trump serious in his rebuttal of John Amnesty Kelly this morning as we all know that John Kelly is Coup President and his Homeland Nielsen is full bore Lyndsey Graham Amnesty and that Junta Kelly will forge Donald Trump's name to Trumpnesty, as John Kelly runs the White House.

He also still intends for the wall to be paid for by Mexico:
Trump maintains he is still serious about building the wall because we need it for our national security:

We know this as Donald Trump did absolutely nothing when John Kelly put his pedo promoter staff member as a write in candidate against Christian Judge Roy Moore in Alabama.  We know Kelly runs the show as it was Kelly who did Trump Tax and Kelly will do Trumpnesty.

Donald Trump just needs to be a good lad and settle down, give up his smart phone to Junta and let Junta do the tweeting from now on, as Junta went racist and lynched Amarosa, and Junta sits Ivanka on his knee to bounce her to watch her comforting breasts bounce.

John Kelly runs the White House for Obama's 3rd term, so this calling from the prison window by President Trump acting like his in charge is just ludicrous, as if President Trump is in charge, like a Richard Nixon or a Ronald Reagan, he would have canned Kelly's ass, as no one in those Republican Administrations ever got to call the President a moron or contradict the President.

Just be a good boy Donald as John is in charge and everyone knows it. Your tweets are all art of the deal smoke and mirrors again, so give John back the smart phone and let him finish the American Genocide as you call it Make America Great Again.
The WWE ring event is wearing thin in no one with a brain is biting on this any more, because if you were President you would fire this ilk.

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The Curry Nigger

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The following is a subject which needs to be addressed in thee American Genocide as the American should understand who the Chamber of Commerce has chosen to replace them in the technical levels, from Disney to Microsoft, the choice has been the wholesale import of the Curry Nigger.

For those ignorant who think the world Nigger is racist or a slur, the word Nigger is proper and correct in Queen's English when dealing with the Indian, because that is where the word Nigger originated as a description of dark Indians. Nigger did not originate in America with the Afroid, but in Asia with British rule of India.

One must sift through the ages to understand what India is, for India is the Aryan and the Nigger, the light skinned and the dark skinned. The division took place when the Samarians or SamARYANS were defeated by the Assyrians and exiled. In time this group of Solomon inspired educated elite, manifested in spawning the Persian Empire to breeding with the northern Indians to produce the Aryan or light colored Indian which ruled India until the British.
These same Aryan Lost 10 Tribe Israelites were the Russ who conquered and then ruled what became Russia.
So that readers understand this, the German was never an Aryan. The German is a Semite people of old Assyria, very successful in their own accomplishments, but they are not the progenitors of a superior intellectual line of spiritual nature which stemmed from Solomon knowledge.

So India was the Raj, the light skinned ruling elite, who still rule. One never witnesses an Aryan breed marrying the sub continent Nigger as they are two distinct peoples and classes of caste. Caste is what must be understood in this, as the Raj ruling white class benefited from the genetics, but the genetics were not infused deeply enough to advance the Indian. That advancement did not appear until Queen Victoria ruled the gem in the crown called India.

India was a closed caste state of pure cesspool misery. The British could not trade with the Indians as it was hot there, and all the British had were wool garments. During the Spice Trade years, there was a huge problem in this balance of trade as Indochina or the Spice Islands had spices and the Dutch and British had nothing to trade.  Invasion solved the Spice Islands and India, and the balance of trade solved itself when Turkish opium was entered into the mix for profit in Asia.
Yes the British built their empire on the African Nigger and sugar in the Americas and on the Indian Nigger and poppy in the east. Hence Hudson's Bay Company and the East India Company.

India is a people who are of the paddy, or rice fields. They possessed absolutely no ability, no more than a goat. The Black Hole of Calcutta was what the festering cesspool of India was and is. The British though needed servants for Her Majesty Queen Victoria and that is where the Curry Nigger appears from.

You must return in this to the beasts that India was. Foul Ganges bathers who depopulated by plague and famine.  What arose from this was a group of suck ups, who were trained by the British and by training, these Curry Niggers were taught the one field they were useful at in numbers. The British Empire needed wogs that would add and subtract. Mind you they did not want wogs who could think, but wogs who could do math.
Why? Because numbers mean inventory in books or tallying money flowing to the crown. That is what the Curry Nigger excelled at, as they were worthless at war or labor. They were functional  as a living tight fisted Scottish computer who would show no more emotion in a thousand wog babies dying than a wave washing on shore. There simply was not a human connect in the Curry Nigger as that quality is not in their psychology.

Now into this, one needs to visit Montecalm and Wolfe in the epic battle for America which divided the world in British victory and French defeat. What was in India? The British Red Coats, and to understand the Curry Nigger you have to understand the British military of that era as that is what the Curry Nigger is.

 A good example is Sean Bean in Sharpe's Rifles in the Napoleonic Wars. To understand the Curry Nigger  you have to understand British Officers as that is who the Curry Nigger had as examples.
This is what I mean. A British Officer was loved as a Right Proper Bastard. That meant an officer who was aloof from his men, separated out in making the soldier understand there was a caste system, and the caste meant that the officer lived in luxury while the soldier suffered and died.
There was absolutely no principle involved here as Wellington's hordes raped and murdered across Europe, even their Spanish allies. They would have done that to America at the Battle of New Orleans if Andrew Jackson had not killed most of them in battle.
The Curry Nigger observed all of this  that the ruling class, those in authority were to never care about their subordinates. In fact, in England the officers delighted in laying the lash to the men, several hundred times in fact just to make sport and the enlisted men accepted it as a sign that this was right and proper as they deserved to be treated as such.
It is a point that if a British officer showed any compassion on his soldiers, the soldiers would lose all respect for that officer. Harsh treatment was welcomed by the British in the caste system, while it was abhorred by the American who threw it off and George Washington created a military where the officers cared for their Soldiers and that care those Americans would fight like hell in figuring things out on their own and win victories.

The Curry Nigger would be acceptable in England as that is what one expects in caste. The Canadians being polite would accept it, and Canadians all knew the Scottish money cheats who ran Hudson's Bay stealing from everyone for the company without any compassion. In America though, these Curry Niggers are taking advantage of Americans for the conglomerates as the American was taught that their employers would care for them, and they are discovering these Indians are soulless humans who have absolutely no affinity with what a human is in Christian care.
The Curry Nigger is absolutely obedient to the CEO and Board. Get a Curry Nigger above them though and the boards start finding out what the subordinates are bitching about all the time. They are two faced, because that is what the British officers taught them. Bow to those in authority over you and put the heel onto those under you, as they appreciate it.

That is what Indian caste is, and it is accepted over there by those vermin, and they bring it to America, like Dinesh D'Souza who can not bed enough white pussy as his validation as he tells moron cucks what it is to be right wing, because D'Souza read about it in a book. I told you these Curry Niggers are computers, and they program well. There is just not any humanity in them. It is as I stated they are the original Hudson Bay tight fisted Scott employed by the company to reap profit for Queen and Empire at all costs. The difference is the Curry Nigger is just a wetware computer. To think one would get a human response from an Indian is like talking to your laptop and expecting it to cuddle with you.

This is the technocrat race being employed in the West. The alternative is the Chinaman who is still the same Godless throat slitter of Shanghai streets off the junks trading dope and whores at razor thing profits.

No one will tell you these things, but after the American Genocide some intellectual will be sifting through records and come across this analysis and seize upon it and it will become the main study paper at some future Harvard class in the deliberate engineered decline and fall of the America.

Donald Trump as President really should be arresting this situation, but then there is no profit in arresting what the globalists agenda is for the globalists, because the alternative is Making America Great Again.

You just got a first peek at it in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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The Septic Trump Economy

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Late Breaking News!

Stock Market closes just over 26,000 for first time (Bloomberg News)

I will try if I have the time and energy to inquire on the stock market, but I wanted to post on the reality after the market topped 26,000 on January 17th, 2018 AD in the year of our Lord. As I stated this is not a prediction, but simple Chicago economics in the reality that Americans are not getting the tax cuts, but the conglomerates and Wall Street are.
What you are witnessing with corporations handing out bonuses to employees is about TAX DEDUCTIONS not profits. It is about the infusion of their money's overseas, back into their investment structure.

Let me explain it this way, in when Obama prints up money like Trump has been doing on spending bills, it cheapens the dollar, causes inflation and makes things "cheap" as there is too much money.
When corporations start repatriating their cash cows from overseas, there is too much money again, but it does not make the dollar cheap, it makes stocks more expensive as too much money inflates stock prices, for a Trump Bubble from his Mnuchkin and Cohn tax breaks for the conglomerates.

In noting this, I expected the DOW to hit 30,000 easily in this money influx. Now on simple Milton Freidman logic, it is possible for the market to near 35,000 before this monetary influx runs it's course.
Lucre horders are afraid this will super heat the stock market. It will, but one must factor into this the next McConnell superheating of the economy on an infrastructure plan. This is a phase two.

The other phase in this is Mr. Donald Trump's foreign human traffick which is pouring into America, and taking American jobs, spiking welfare payments and infusing billions into thee economy. What Donald Trump just did and is doing is like pouring ether into an engine which should be running on gasoline. It will spike like a rocket, but it can not sustain that kind of fuel or currency burn as Donald Trump is NOT putting real Americans to work, lowering inflation by lowering energy costs. What Donald Trump needed to do via Rick Perry at DOE was build 100 coal fired power plants in America, dropping electric rates to 50 dollars per month for Americans and dropping gas prices to 1.00 per gallon. This would put around 5000 dollars into the average American's wallet again by deflation, and cause the kind of from the base up economic surge, which would be able to govern as in a governor on an engine, so millions of Americans would absorb that money being pumped into the stock market.

America does not have that as Mr. Trump has allowed HAARP to spike Arctic cold into America for record heating bills. Mr. Trump has sold coal to China not America and Mr. Trump is selling gas and oil to Europe, again not Americans so prices have spiked. This will rot his Wall Street recovery as it is top loaded and bottom unstable with all those goddamn foreign vermin he is bringing into America.

This economy will bust as it is designed to break America. In the meantime though on logical examination, the stock market has not even begun to rise yet. 35,000 is a reachable goal as when you mix Apple Curry Nigger slave labor with high prices charged, you will have a plantation economy which will garner a great deal of money for the conglomerates as this was set up.
Do not think of this in Reagan Trickle Down Economics, as it is not. This is not Obama rapine either for the rich. It is more akin to the Trump Sewer in it is overloading the septic system and is spilling out to contaminate the entire nation and most of the world with raw monetary sewage. There has to be a balance of working consumers absorbing record wealth, but what Trump has is record wealth generated by slave labor and a competition of the native specie Americans against Trump's Nigger class eating everything.
If you desire a good example of what America will become it is the Bush family creation of communist China eating every resource and driving up global prices. Trump's Niggers by John Kelly at Homeland with Nielsen will eat up everything in America in driving up prices in this competition and create an American Genocide.

There is not an economy. This is a ponzi scheme and unless it keeps being fed an infusion of record cash, the hyper inflation rots it to the bottom and it will collapse.

That I have not inquired on in any Pur dates and am only stating by the above realities and data that this Trump sewer economy is septic and it is polluting all with a contamination which only a bust will regulate.

One simply will run out of American land, homes an resources at some time, and once that happens it will be a shit hole like India or Indonesia. It would require some sort of massive spike again as in some type of lunar or planetary colonial mining to drive this to a new level, but that would mean production to offset the monetary growth, both of which are missing in this Trump cycle.

So it should be happy days are here again, unless the cartel pulls the plug, but this looks like what it has appeared before, in the globalists will drive this up, start a world war again, and in a massive slaughter and military diversion confiscate Russian and Chinese gold which have been horded. This was accomplished twice in the Genocide of Germany in World War I  and World War II. It will probably not be the moon or Mars, but Moscow and Peking gold vaults which will make the Trump toilet minted with golden faucets and shitters.

If I have time, I will inquire, but I have not a cent in the stock market, so none of this matters. What matters to me is looking out for the poor and the average sod with money, in protecting those classes in America, Europe and Oz, as no one is looking out for them or telling them the reality of what is taking place before their eyes.

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Your fortune in Trump Tax


 phaaroar!!! trump tax is pussy grab awesome!!!!

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is more of a bubble burster for those still deluding themselves that the Trump tax cuts are going to make them rich. I post this to prepare you for the reality of what you will experience.

 The recent passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is another milestone for rural America. Virtually every American family will receive a tax cut, thanks to the bill. The standard deduction has been essentially doubled, as has the child tax credit, while tax rates in all brackets have been lowered. The number of people who need to itemize will be reduced — a result of the tax simplification that the bill achieves. Citrus farmers, brewer and vintners will see additional benefits.

Happy Days are here again according to the Daily Caller, but if you break this down in Trump tax in what you will really experience, you are not going to be pleased.

First off, most of you get a paycheck, where you have confiscated from you, your federal and state income taxes, social security and 401 k's.
First, nothing has changed in your state income tax withholding. Second nothing has changed in your social security. Third nothing has changed in your 401 k.

So secondly, you are saying, "Yeah but", I get my deduction doubled." Ok, but that does not come until you do your taxes in April 2019 AD in the year of our Lord. So no matter what you are promised for 2019, you are still paying for 2018 AD in the year of our Lord.

What did Trump tax accomplish for you? I post the genesis of this and will speak of htis in rounded terms so you can understand this.

So Obama tax is currently 15%. Let us just say that you clear 36,000 dollars a year which most of you do not. It is just easier to do this for people to understand at 3000 per month or 1500 per two week paycheck.

Under Obama you pay 225 dollars every two weeks in federal taxes at 15%.
Under Trump you pay 180 dollars every two weeks in federal taxes at 12%.

That is 45 dollars. Ask yourself what are you going to do with 45 dollars? That is 2 times out for pizza. That is a tank of gas. That is buying something the kid wants as you have 45 dollars for a moment in your pocket.

With Trumpflation which is skyrocketing as Mr. President talked down the dollar value for his Ivanka traders to China, so your gas prices spiked, that exta 90 dollars a month, simply will be eaten by grocery and maintenance price increases, so you are not going to have any extra money, especially as HAARP has been deliberately freezing America so Big Oil can make you buy propane and fuel oil in the poor.
It is a 1.40 for propane out in oil country. That is Obama prices.

So no one is going to notice a thing in their paychecks who are poor as 3% is nothing. At 18000 dollars take home, that is 22 dollars every two weeks, which is half a tank of gas. Zero benefit from Trump tax.

So it comes down to 2019 AD in the tax rebates, where you will get that returned to you, which the government confiscated and has been using. A few thousand dollars will be welcome, but by then the 2018 midterm elections are finished and that rebate will have people thinking, "Why is the damn regime stealing my money in the first place  making me feel cheap and low".

The Lame Cherry is simply informing you that no one is going to appreciate nor notice their Trump tax in 2018 as it is nothing in Trumpflation prices. I told you previously that this is Jew Street for Trump in Mnuchkin and Cohn handling you pennies as Shylock robs you of dollars with the other hand.
In comprehending this, do not expect happy days to be here again in any recovery. Conglomerates handing out bonuses are just tax deductions, so they do not have to pay those billions in taxes, but pass that 1000 dollar per employee cost onto your sugar, wifi and gas, so you end up paying that corporate cost.

If you want to delude yourself, continue on. If want to look at that fraud money pumping stock market as legitimate, go ahead. I have not inquired, but logic tells me that the market will hit over 30,000 with corporations being overloaded in money as that is what Mnuchkin and Cohn geared this to. The problem is in this Wall Street bubble that it will burst and the American economy will be in hell fire, and a world war will have to be generated to confiscate Eurasian wealth again.

This is not Reagan Kemp trickle down, but Trump Cohn piss up the rope taxes. You are being informed that nothing has changed. You will still be poor in 2018 AD in the year of your Lord, but will get a few thousand dollars in April 2019 AD which is your money in the first place. That few thousand is only half as half of that Obama was dishing out anyway.

That is the reality of Trump tax. Your fortune in Trump Tax is the same empty purse. I will remind you that Donald Trump PROMISED no one paid taxes under 50,000 dollars. That would have made a difference to Americans, this Trump tax will not.


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Why are South Dakota Republicans running a Pedophile Protector for Governor?

My life is based on running the shit out of children to teach them discipline
and protecting pedophiles while crushing innocent Citizens, which 
I call the donut philosophy of life...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For some reason I get signed up by some asstard political wonks, whether it is Obama or Republican, so I get these asstard emails asking me for money all the time. I had to look up who this moron is, but when I figured out he is the Attorney General of South Dakota who has been covering for that Mutard Governor who is supposed to be Republican but runs things like Obama's communist cousin, it all made sense when I got this email in how damned stupid it was.

Dear Voter, 

Cal Corey was my track coach when I was a middle-distance runner for Sturgis High School.  Coach Corey inspired us to be better students and athletes.  He taught me the importance of hard work and helped me develop the discipline to train hard so I could reach my greatest potential.  He taught me the value of teamwork and working together to succeed. 
I learned to develop mental toughness which not only got me through training and races, but has helped me in dealing with challenges throughout my life.  Coach Corey also taught me how to be a strong leader both on and off the track.  I am grateful for the lessons Coach Corey taught me and they still apply today.


Marty Jackley

Here let the Lame Cherry write this up so it makes sense:

Dear Sucker,

Donuts were my life in high school as they inspired me to be a better student. Donuts taught me the world was round and empty in the middle. Donuts taught me how to always try and fill in the middle, whether it was jelly or cream in the center, I have always driven myself to put something in the center to reach my greatest potential. Donuts taught me teamwork as what is anyone if they do not have a donut.

Donuts taught me to be tough, as you never lose sight of the fact that as you eat around the edges, pretty soon you are only left with that donut hole in the middle. That helped me deal with things all my life. Donuts taught me that both in and out of school. I am grateful for the lessons that donuts taught me and they still apply today.


Marty Jackley.

When I read the above, I thought, "Who the fuck is Coach Corey and why in the hell should I trust this Jackley to tell me to trust him, because I should trust my life to a moron who based his entire life on a man whose entire life was running the hell out of children for absolutely no reason".
I remember phy ed and track and my coaches. They all sucked shit. One bastard ran us like dogs as he pedaled his girl bike. That same one hit me with a ball once and left a big red mark. Another coach liked bullying kids and was a real loser. The last one was a fat bastard who created his own fitness levels based on Tarzan. He gave up coaching and became a Lutheran preacher.

Basing your live on  a loser who was not skilled enough to get to the college ranks or the Olympics but be stuck in horseshit Sturgis South Dakota....yeah there is another reality in Sturgis, home to that biker rally where more  fornicating goes on that Sodom and it terrorizes all the local communities.

Given the above, I figure Marty Jackley is about as ready to run a state as any 12 year old. I mean he sent out thee most ridiculous fund raising con job to legally steal money from people, and when you replace donuts for coaches, you pretty well understand what a fool this Jackley is.
Reminds of that moron Jimmy Carter who was asking Amy Carter about nuclear war policy. Yeah Jimmy thought it would sucker voters with the soft sell, and Jackley thinks he is going to sucker people in that touching teacher mentor story. Yeah I based my life on an loser who ran the shit out of me and I want to do the same thing to South Dakota.

Allegations Against Jackley Hit National Spotlight - The ...

"South Dakota Rape Scandal Exposes Alleged Criminal Wrongdoing by Attorney General Marty Jackley ... 9 comments for " Allegations Against Jackley Hit National ...

I mean Geez Louise, what the frick is the South Dakota GOP doing with this running monkey in he is the attorney general and is joined that pussy to a rape scandal???

For years, 6’9” 310 pound Richard Mette raped & tortured his adopted Lakota Indian daughters at the home he shared with his wife Wendy Mette in the town of Aberdeen, South Dakota. The abuse went on for years, including sickening details like forcing his daughters to choose between “Beating or BJ.”
Richard Mette Mugshot / South Dakota State Sex Offender Registry
Richard Mette Mugshot / South Dakota State Sex Offender Registry
In 2010, Richard Mette would be charged with 23 counts of rape of child under ten years old and related charges. Wendy Mette would also be arrested and charged with 11 counts of abuse or cruelty to a minor.

And guess who protected this serial pedophile? Marty Jackley and his other cronies in the Mutard regime.

It gets even more Bundy in Nevada in Marty Jackley protected his cronies and then went after the innocent people who were trying to protect the attorney from Jackley's pedophile.

The combination of the NPR exposé and Schwab’s conflict of interest revelation created an immediate pushback from Dorsett, working in concert top law enforcement officials in South Dakota at the direction of Attorney General Marty Jackley.
Within days, a secret plea deal was made to drop all charges against Wendy Mette, and AG Marty Jackley gave the order that investigating Schwab and Taliaferro for witness tampering was the “top priority” of Division of Criminal Investigation agent Mark Black. Dorsett filed a false affidavit, Schwab alleged, and the homes and offices of Taliaferro and Schwab were raided and their computers seized.
South Dakota State’s attorney Michael Moore officially dropped all charges against Wendy Mette and dropped 22 of the 23 charges against Richard Mette, who was given a 15 year sentence for years of taxpayer subsidized rape and torture of his adoptive daughters. The girls were ordered to be sent back to live with Wendy Mette, which ended any lawsuit against the State or the DSS.
Victim’s Advocates Are Arrested & Hounded By South Dakota
Schwab and Taliaferro were arrested and charged with witness tampering and subornation of perjury. They faced forty years in prison. When the trial eventually happened, the state’s case against Taliaferro & Schwab was so weak that the Judge took the almost unheard of step of stopping the trial halfway through after the prosecution rested. Two charges had been dismissed by the state, and the Judge threw out the rest.

Someone should be asking President Donald Trump just exactly what his Republican party is running in John Thune South Dakota, as this is not Roy Moore fiction, but a pedophile protection ring in South Dakota. This is something that Obama protected, but it demands a federal inquiry by Attorney General Jeff Sessions as Marty Jackley according to the Breitbart article had Jackley as president elect of all United States Attorney Generals.
A pedo protector is in charge of all state law enforcement in America?

AG Jackley is the President-Elect of the National Association of Attorneys General, who begin their Winter Meeting on Monday. Our press conference will be held across the street from the NAAG event, just before the NAAG conference opened.
 Jackley looks like a twin of the corrupt James Comey in being inside the law enforcement system and unleashing it on innocent Americans like Donald Trump.
 Oh and the Judge in the case against the innocent people trying to protect Indian children, threw the case out as it was pure horseshit in there was not any evidence.

The question is, who in the hell is donating money to this pedo protector and why are they dumping money into South Dakota?


Donald Trump's Honey Hole and Shit Hole

The above is a map of Mexican Drug Cartels active in the United States.
Why is Donald Trump not doing a  thing about this organized crime?


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is going to be a short post as I  am not in the mood, but  it reflects my personal experiences with imported Mexicans into the United States  as of today, January 17th, 2018 AD in the year of our Lord. This is important, because I do not believe President Trump in the least any more on his Amnesty. Everything he does looks to me as a smokescreen  for Amnesty for foreigners to replace all Americans, because what I am witnessing in my community does not fit the Trump rhetoric.

Today in the grocery, I saw seven very 20 year old, thin, loud, light skinned Mexican breeders, all seven of them. These are dairy stinkers, as they stink like dairy barn disinfectant. Do not fear though, as they will appear in your neighborhood as these nigger jobs will have these people moving up to your jobs as these bling peons always move on in a month, as that is how they bring the human traffick into America.

Do not miss in this, the BLING, as these are all well dressed beaners. These are NOT the Obama illegals of those  fat, ugly, dark skinned peons of advanced age. These are the Trump LEGALS who have been pouring into America since John Kelly took over to make these all legal Americans as they have open ended working visas now, and that came from Trump's Homeland.

Trump Honors Immigration Hawk Democrat Barbara Jordan As DACA Amnesty Fight Heats Up

It is why I do not believe for a second that blonde who runs Homeland in Nielsen in her going to arrest Rahm Emanuel in Sanctuary cities. It is all a smokescreen, because Trump can honor Barbara  Jordan who know these peons were driving Blacks out of the  American Dream, and Trump can window dressing census questions, but it does not do a damn thing, as what the problem is, is this wholesale invasion of legalized invasion of the United States of America by Donald Trump's policy.

What is the point in asking beaners who Trump legalizes as Citizens when they are murdering cops and civilians? It does not mean a fiddler's damn!

America is finished, because she can not survive the changed demographic of anti Christian Jesuit Mexicans out of the Vatican and anti Christian Muslims out of the Vatican. This is by design and two races are going to be exterminated in this in a generation  and that is the Black and the White American races.
Tucker Carlson finally spoke of this in you can not introduce wholesale all of these foreign vermin and preserve the Israelite Anglo Saxon work  ethic and responsibility. There is a reason Mexico is a shit hole. There is a reason every Muslim nation is a shit hole. There is a reason Sweden has been turned into a shit hole, and there will be a reason why America and Canada becomes a shit hole, as without a Christian White and Black group to preserve the nation, all that will be left to rule is the conglomerate Nazi police state. There is purpose behind all of these policies and  the President is not doing a thing to keep the American Genocide from taking place as I am watching a massive influx of bling beaners into America, and they are here to replace Americans.

Donald  Trump is nothing but a smokescreen. Just as I told you that Steve Bannon was nothing but another Trump WWE event, where Bannon just appeared before Congress and stated the White House would not allow him to answer all questions. Does that sound like enmity between Trump and Bannon when Bannon is protecting the President yet?
It is all there before us, in this Trump smoke and mirrors. He is in Trump clappers releasing talking points that sounds like he is doing something, but then I see more legalized Trump foreigners pouring into the United States.
You can bet John Kasich is nothing but a strawman for Trump to knock down in 2020 to siphon off the real Trump primary resistance in people who should be the standard bearer as Donald Trump keeps handing out checks saying he is paying the bills, but he never signed any of them.

Nuff Said