Sunday, June 25, 2017

Resistance Approved Tampons

Yes I have a problem sucking green flavored tampons

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is evident that George Soros, David Brock, Rachel Maddow, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are letting down the Resistant movement, in getting them shot, jailed or something worse like protest paying them to a higher tax bracket in missing new IRS tax protocols and bringing them fines.

“We’re coming to get every goddamn one of you and your families. Maybe the next one taken down will be your daughter. Huh? Or your wife. Or even you.”

In that, the Lame Cherry would like to help Resistors in making them more effective. This is gender neutral stuff and will assist ugly lesbians and pansy males, as not all can look like lovely Ivanka Trump and cuck Jared Kushner, in being rewarded to sabotage Donald Trump from the inside.

First, ugly lesbians and pansy males should leave the guns to the experts. It seems that having guns has police officers trained to shoot Resistors which does have consequences. In that, I suggest tampons. See you pull out a tampon, a cop is not going to shoot you, and it makes a statement much better than Ashley Judd with her nasty snatch with menstrual blood stains, which are not attractive, as honestly blood stains on baseball fields or thongs just does not assist in drawing in support.

So Resistors need to bring tampons and if cops for some reason do shoot them, they can stuff the tampons into their bullet wounds and survive. Representative Scalise would have done much better if he had a tampons shoved into his wound rather than a doctor operating on him for paying off the mortgage on a 3rd vacation home.

Next, Resistors need to bring in some hot women, like the Original Star Trek hot women who are timeless. Every good Resistance needs a hot chic. The 1776 Revolution would have not amounted to anything without sexy Betsy Ross modeling that flag. No one remembers that flag she sewed, but everyone remembers sexy Betsy Ross modeling that flag.


 I am Betsy Ross, protest this!

Here are some examples of Resistor Babes.

Babe 1:


 My tampons all have a silver lining

See Angelique Pettijohn from Star Trek in being Kirk's trainer, and on Get Smart as a secret agent. You put a Resistor babe into the story and people will pay more attention than bullets.

Babe 2:


 George Takei tried to audition as my tampon

See another Hot chick on Trek Chic, everyone still remembers these babes long after Sulu is out butt sexing his feces scents into every new Trek.

Next every Resistor needs to grow a goatee. Does not matter if you are an ugly lesbian or a 66 year old nut, you put a goatee on them, and immediately they look suave and enticing. Everyone would like to have a goatee wearing Resistor with a tampon in their hand protesting them.

 Could I mind meld with a tampon?

See how Leonard Nimoy is to suave and enticing with a goatee? Just imagine now if he had a tampon how Star Trek would never have been cancelled after 3 seasons. They would have run 8 and Lucille Ball would have owned Hollywood and Desi Arnez jr. would have kept Hollywood safe from leftists in all that money would have been donated to Americans like Paul Laxalt, Fred Thompson and other true leaders instead of being squandered on loser leftists.

Just review the history in how much better things would have gone for John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald and Ashley Judd if they all had just had followed their hearts and grown a goatee, sported a tampon and appeared with some hot Star Trek type woman.

Now picture someone like Matthew McConaughey something who was protesting Donald Trump, if he was sporting a tampon instead.

A tampon in time saves nine.

Then if he had someone like this gorgeous actress posing in photos with them.

I'm sorry you'll have to contact my tampon for all offers.

I know what you are thinking in how brilliant, absolutely brilliant this is, and how I have betrayed the right to their demise, as everyone will be mesmerized by the neo Resistors in these goatees, tampons and hot women.
I apologize for this, but being poor, I simply can not afford to have all of these Resistors getting Social Security death benefits or these Hollywood types going onto welfare in not knowing how to Resist.

History has proven me right in the French Resistance would have been nothing if Audrey Hepburn had not been the leader of it. I realize she did not have a goatee and tampons had not been invented yet, but that is why France needed America to liberate them from Germans.

 Freeze Resistor
You're not Peter O'Toole, you're Peter O'Tampon

Then there was the great Resistor, Raquel Welch. We do not know what she was resisting, but she was very good at it, and was absolutely successful in saving the world for Batman, Truth, Justice and the American Way.

 I call this my tampon dispenser for the stars

So the Resistors must liberate themselves from their failed leadership. They must grow tampons, wear beards and find a hot babe to mesmerize their proletariat, otherwise......they will all be betrayed by their leaders again in dying, being in prison, or the worst of all being a redhead like Amy Adams.........


I need a tampon this big......

or worse yet, being Debra Messing.

I learned to speak tampon on 5 easy lessons

and none of us wants that, because are not these wasted lives and minds enough for one generation to be responsible for.



Moody River Blues

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As you probably missed this, as it deserved missing, the Canadians under that faggot Justin Trudeau, sent out their uniform wearers in this Mad Dog Trump War in Iraq, protecting good ISIS from bad ISIS, and one of them shot a world record in killing some terrorist at 3781 yards or 2.1 miles.
This was Joint Task Force 2 of the Canadian Speical Forces. What Joint Task Force 1 is or where they are or if 1 only does number 1 things and 2 only does number 2  things, is a Canadian State Secret, probably only known to the children of Fidel Castro as Trudeau looks like something Fidel would produce when the spermicide failed, but this is more about the critical examination of how snipers have violated every honorable precinct of the glory of war and have degraded to cheap trick shot artists.


For all those faggot commonwealth dickless lezbos in Special Forces that all your mutton are so proud of,  this new world record was taken under these conditions.

“The shot in question actually disrupted a Daesh [so-called Islamic State] attack on Iraqi security forces,” a military source told the Globe.
“Instead of dropping a bomb that could potentially kill civilians in the area, it is a very precise application of force and because it was so far away, the bad guys didn’t have a clue what was happening.”

Oh the breathless anticipation of it all, it must just make them wee Canadian cocks go stiffy, as their entire officer corp is promoting this trick shot gallery thinking they are Annie Oakley.

Now for the reality check in this was an urban setting, this shot required 10 second to hit the target, ok look at the clock and look back after 5 seconds, so you understand how many little children could have crawled onto the terrorist's Muslim rape cock in the meantime, and then you begin to understand how absolutely derelict that kind of distance shooting is.

Let us build on that court martial offense for the whole Canadian military who should be run out of their army over this, and then observe the data below that a 50 Browning Machine Gun bullet will drop 239 inches at just 1000 yards, or almost 20 feet. So the Canuck zapper was shooting 3.5 times as far, which would include loss of speed due to resistance, so let us just guess if 20 feet is at 1000 years, at 3500 yards, it would be 90 to 100 feet.
The Canucks might as well be shooting at the fricking moon at 12 o'clock in the sky or in other words, the Canucks are shooting at targets they can not see in shooting into the sky endangering traffic aloft, or they are as the above classified information reveals, shooting off elevated platforms as in mountains, hills or towers to provide the only suitable elevation angle incline to produce the trick shot.

Nice the braggarts of  the Commonwealth have just told the entire Russia, Iranian, Chinese and Muslim world where their shooters hides are located  so the terrorists can saturate those locations with something astute like a 106 mm recoilless rifle, which America used to employ, until those expensive TOW missiles appeared, but thankfully Iran  took the American design and manufactures them.

But this is not about Muslims, instead this is about bragging Canadians making what Billy Dixon, that would be an American, who would correctly define such shooting as what it was, a scratch shot.

Oh it would be termed another definition as incompetent as the lead thrower flat ass misses a shot like that 500 out of 500 times, and it alerts terrorists to the danger they are in and it puts all other forces into jeopardy.
How many of these "record shots" are effective? One can assess in the top 5 shots, in none are repeats. The effective range at long range sniping is the Carlos Hathcock 50 BMG platform of under 1700 yards, from an elevated position of a fire base, for the reason the Marine was actually shooting at the target he was seeing in his scope.

This was not sniping any more than the garbage shooters who are crippling big game at long distance in fad shooting for Gaytube are hunting.

Is it very intelligent to teach terrorists that they can take positions on skyscrapers or hills 2 miles from their enemies called Presidents and Prime Ministers and take their 1 in 501 chance to make history. That would be rhetorical, it also is a breach of classified information, but with all the Trump leaks who pays attention to national security secrets, especially when it is Brits bragging on Canucks incapable of sound military strategy and tactics........exposing how absolutely incompetent the Canadians are at warfare, but very adept at educating terrorists concerning trick shots.

Canada really should not be allowed to play with pointy objects and the British really should not be allowed to deal with intelligence.

It is always such an enlightening thing, in you read stories and catch yourself thinking, "Wow that is really something", and then the Lame Cherry starts typing, and you start reading, and all of a sudden all of those great ideas start dawning on you just how shit for brains it all was.

That is about it until next time on the same bat time, same bat blog and same bat site.

MOODY RIVER ~ Pat Boone (1961) - YouTube

MOODY RIVER ~ Pat Boone (1961) Dot Records #45-107.

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The Predator Primate

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Forensic psychology is difficult to explain to those who do not comprehend the intelligence required to actually enjoy the study. Every human understands the basic body language which you communicate with and others communicate to you a thousand times a day in the most rudimentary of unspoken language.

Predatory primates are a fascination as they appear in Showtime series as Dexter, which never delve into the absolute labor it requires for a serial murderer to sheet plastic a room, break a body down to parts, and then transport with an area such as Miami where the flies would follow fresh blood in plumes.
One of the greatest tells in the urban areas when people are dead, are clouds of blow flies massed on windows and doors of dwellings.

I do become bored in the association with primates as most are so base in fight, flight or sedate, that patterns are easily noted.

Today my 'creep meter' went of in the thrift store as did TL's. It was a thrityish male, Beatles shoulder mop hair, thin, clean, but I immediately thought serial murderer.

What captured my attention though was his fascination and fixation on a small reptile enclosure. I had thought at first glance it was a gerbil cage, but after studying it, it was something for the cold blooded critters.

When I happened upon him, he was studying it carefully and then moved off, and I presumed he normally had decided against it, so I when I browsed by it, as he lurked there, he immediately returned to the 2 dollar cage.

I met up with TL and I mentioned to TL I had something to show TL, and it was the primate again hovering by this snake pit. He moved off again, and I was laughing, as I could not resist an experiment, so I returned to the cage, and there was a bag of shells for an aquarium  below so I rattled them for Primate's Dog, and on cue, he reappeared and took position by the cage, and then he lovingly examined it again, and then he licked his fingers and started polishing off marks which were unseen on the plastic.

He moved off again, and I seriously was going to pick that cage up and move it just to mess with him, but as he had been licking on it, I did not want to touch it.

In simple diagnosis, I doubt he was much of a threat yet. He could have already offed his Mum and fed her to the snakes for offending the reptiles, but that would probably be a future event as his frustration builds in being deprived of his outlet.
I doubt any feminine or male companionship would share the allure, as snake primates are fairly rare and most have an appreciation for killing  things, in enjoying watching their cold blooded spiritual wicks devour warm blooded creatures. This one though was rare in he was revisiting in his mind a comforting moment in the reptiles were all he had as a child which was not harming him.

What is fascinating in this primate is as all primates, in anyone can be turned into a predator primate, in the correct psychological triggers. This one will probably exist in his entire life without ever doing any real harm to the world, beyond the odd sexual disconnect in masturbation, but in a world of  text sex in the American psychosis of millions needing contact by text and not human contact which they are phobic of, abnormal is a prevalent diagnosis.

It will be interesting when droid companions appear, in what disconnect or remedy they will provide for primates. The future will provide the ultimate of human disconnect in one will be able to plug in their smart phone for connect of human in the form of your favorite droid.

None of that though will suffice what drives the predator primate in the taking of life and the possession of the corpse. Perhaps in weirdo world there will be such droids or play factories for such primate to practice in, as it is always practice.

For now though, today's experiment was fascinating in observing the attachment of upon an object which the lizard could not feel, but that was the respite, and he lovingly cared for that cage in a most affectionate and intimate way. There were to fat midget Mexicans with a howling juvenile who will never have that kind of devoted attention, as such care is not possible from a Mexican, unless of course it is hired done by the Bush fam.

What else can be done but a live lab exercise when such an opportunity arises, as I do not believe in caging animals to study them, two or four legs.

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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Democrat Don: Now Trump is Banning Guns

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I conclude that there is not any difference between the sheep on the left and the bleat on the right, they are the same mutton who will follow whatever gets up on two legs and lies to the fleeced that they are not being led to the slaughter.

- Lame Cherry

Proof of  this is........


    169,423 votes
  • GOOD
    83,977 votes
  • BAD
    10,324 votes
    11,658 votes
The only telling part in this, is no one voted as the chops on the right are burned out and do not give a damn to prop up Democrat Don as why the hell should they vote for Jeb Bush in Hillary's crusty old panties.

The focus of this post on Democrat Don, is Donald Trump just banned an entire division of firearms, just like Obama did and just like Clinton did. So there is no difference between Trump Brand, Obama division and Clinton label, as banned guns are banned guns.

What is behind this is "more Russian sanctions", this time by Donald Trump in now denying women the right to own and carry affordable firearms. Yes Donald Trump just banned Americans the right of owning firearms produced by a Russian manufacturer that even Obama, Bush and Clinton had left untouched.

The U.S. Department of the Treasury is adding Molot-Oruzhie, OOO to the list of banned Russian and Ukrainian separatist companies. Molot makes the popular Vepr family of sporting rifles and shotguns, somewhat based on the AK design.

Well, L'Chaim!!!!

Yes it was none other than that swinder Steve Mnuchin who was behind this, as what could be better than disarming Americans, while John McCain is pressing for Donald Trump to arm those Nazi's of Ukraine to start nuclear world war with Russia.

“These designations will maintain pressure on Russia to work toward a diplomatic solution,” added Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin. “This administration is committed to a diplomatic process that guarantees Ukrainian sovereignty, and there should be no sanctions relief until Russia meets its obligations.”
This will have a significant effect on the American shooting community. Vepr products are popular with just about every segment of gun owners. They are in common use for competition shooting, hunting and self-defense.
Vepr shotguns, in particular, are frequently used for tactical shooting sports. There is a large aftermarket industry that caters to these guns and it will take a serious hit in the near and long term due to these new sanctions.

In return in the last round of sanctions, the people who got screwed over most were European farmers. Yes, let's put sanctions on Russia over Nazi's in Ukraine, and who gets hurt, but the people who actually are trying to earn a living.

Russia has already imposed an embargo on imports of a broad range of European farm produce.

I decided to check who it was that was not included in these Trump gun ban sanctions, and by miracle the first Obama sanctions left out Ivanka and Jared Kushner's liberal consorts in the oil, technology and Hillary Clinton's nuke me if they are LaVoy Finicum uranium trade.
SERIOUSLY, let's have more radioactivity in the world, but what Democrat Don focuses on is getting rid of more guns?

But the gas industry, space technology and nuclear energy are excluded from sanctions

Granted the EU is the one, especially Germany who is getting hosed down by Trump sanctions on Russia, but all the same you will notice one glaring thing in this, if you understand the reality of Globalist Donald Trump.

The EU does much more business with Russia than the US does.

What did Trump just ban? Guns.

He banned them from Americans.

Who makes American guns? It is not Americans primarily, as the majority of American brands are Belgium owned, Turkish created in the massive Fabrique Nationale of Europe, just like it's counterpart the massive German concern of Heckler and Koch, which arms regimes worldwide.

This is about MARKET SHARE, and the same attack upon American gun owners in expensive ammunition and firearms under Obama, now has Donald Trump cutting off further Russian affordable firearms to America, in order to hinder the Kalashnikov concern of Russia which is in competition with these goddamn global arms traders fleecing Americans with their too high priced guns.

That is what is behind Democrat Don's new policy. He lets the globalists continue to do business with Russia just like the Rockefellers did during the Cold War, while farmers and gun owers get destroyed again......oh and what are European farmers doing? Why telling Monsanto to go to hell in their genetic frankenfoods, so who gets targeted in this, but those same farmers the globalists are trying to ruin.

There bleaters on the right are senseless. They are absolutely vacuous of what Donald Trump does is just an amplified version of Barack Hussein Obama. The NRA is now selling insurance instead of protecting American gun owners, and here is another batch of firearms banned from United State Citizen ownership, not because they are dangerous, but because according to President Trump it is an art of the deal to infringe on American gun owner rights.

From this point on, Donald Trump is going to be defined by what he is, in his new title of Democrat Don, because an American would never deal away the rights of Americans in owning guns to prop up Nazis in Ukraine.

Donald Trump just banned entire classes of personal firearms.

This is not astrophysics,” chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon said. “You solidify your base and you grow your base by getting things done. That’s what people want to see.”

No Mr. Bannon it is not astrophysics to comprehend that solidifying your base means not banning guns and not supporting Nazi in Ukraine, but apparently Democrat Don, needs to.......well at least dust off his toes and do some counting on them as Mr. President is having problems with the basics of 1 + 1 = 2.

An Mr. Bannon, whatever happened to the Trump directive of any department puts on one regulation and 2 have to come off? Can you tell us which two divisions of firearms that Treasury has removed from gun bans please or is Mr. President now violating this own orders?

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A Son of a Traitor

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Lost to most of you is a history of a Family of American Traitors.

Most of you are aware that Senator John McCain was a traitor in the Vietnam War, in being released from his collaborator quarters in Hanoi being able to walk, and then suddenly appearing on crutches when he appeared before Richard Nixon.

But this is not the first McCain who collaborated with the enemy to the harm of America.

John McCain's father was Rear Admiral John McCain Sr. and in the closing days of World War II, he literally wanted to protect the nation which bombed Pearl Harbor and was torturing and murdering Americans, including POW's.

The issue was Kure Naval Shipyard, where the last of the Japanese Imperial Navy was housed. Considering the Kamikaze nature of the Japanese in this era, imagine if a main line Japanese ship had slipped out of Kure and drove into a convoy of American transports with tens of thousands of US Soldiers on board, and detonated her magazines?
This is what Admiral McCain was protecting in stating that the Japanese were no longer a threat. Yes the  most powerful battleships in the world, were no longer a threat according to the elder McCain.

In July 1945 the IJN's remaining large warships were concentrated near the major naval base of Kure. The ships were effectively immobilized due to fuel shortages and were being used only as stationary anti-aircraft batteries. Admiral John S. McCain, Sr., the commander of the Fast Carrier Task Force, strongly opposed attacking Kure as he and his staff believed that the ships only posed a minor threat

For the "no threat" of John McCain sr. this also includes this photo of miniature Japanese submarines laying at Kure Island which would have been sent out on suicide missions in US ships.


Fortunately for America, there was not a traitor in command of US 3rd Fleet in Admiral Halsey, who promptly launched his strike force and smashed the remaining Japanese fleet at Kure, leaving only two main line ships to dispatch.

Japanese battleship Haruna under attack on 28 July

That is the real history and the complete facts of the matter. Admiral McCain should have faced court martial, and saved the world from his treacherous son who has done nothing but aid communists and terrorists for the 50 years of his anti American career.

This is the Family of Traitors, the McCains.


John McCain, a Life in Presidents

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


Friday, June 23, 2017


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What more could anyone want really, in the extermination of the Caucasian from all things, because after all, who really wants to be reminded of the race which advanced humanity from the stone age to the cyber age. Star Trek in it's new fagsexual manifestation is really only cleansing the world from the horrid reminder in how God chose the White Race to bring Spirituality to the world and by that increased Wisdom and Understanding, so we should just chisel off the Caucasian features on Mt Rushmore and make heavy eyebrows and big nostrils with protruding lips the signature of the advancement of humanity.

There’s been a rather ugly strain of criticism of Star Trek: Discovery online and it goes like this: The upcoming CBS All Access show’s cast is too diverse for some of the franchise’s longtime fans. The term “white genocide” has been bandied about.


EW asked Discovery star Sonequa Martin-Green — the first black woman to lead a Trek cast — about the complaints.
What puzzles me about all of this is I seem to recall a black woman leading the original Star Trek cast, and yet in the new version, even she is has been wiped from the record.

a black woman (Lt. Uhura played by Nichelle Nichols)

Granted the current replacment for Uhura is horrid, like he fag Spock, but somewhere in this I just do not get with the tearing down of Confederate Soldier monuments in America, how it is come to a point that Black pioneer actresses like Nichelle Nichols are being run off to the shanty town when they were lead cast members of the Original Star Trek.

So while Star Trek has more colors than white, and it has the scent of feces penis perversion, it is not really just White Genocide. It is instead Trekiside, in the Black women from 1967 are not Black but White, and all of them are all in this color bubble being genocided for their accomplishents, and there is that faggot George Takei cheerleading again in this reprehensible crimes against humanity.

Original series star George Takei has even gotten involved to defend the new show.
As long as a cast is racist and smells of excrement it is something to support according to that weird Takei.

I have no idea if Trekicide will last past a few episodes in it's darkness or if it is another Lou Grant and Cagney and Lacey money pit of non profit to promote the American Genocide. It really does not matter to me, because I will not watch this garbage propaganda, because that is what it is.

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