Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Let us Trump Clap for MEGA

Here, have all the free American oil,
you sodomite European socialists can suck on,
as Americans rot in their dreams being destroyed 
Make Europe Great Again 

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Headlines clapping Donald Trump in sticking it to OPEC and Russia by selling American oil to Europeans, WHICH IS STICKING IT TO AMERICANS WORSE AS ONLY THE LAME CHERRY HAS EXPOSED.


American Gas Prices Up 75 Cents a Gallon under Donald Trump

American Gas Prices under Donald John Trump spiked 75 cents a Gallon

This is all so  absolutely frustrating in Donald Trump rewarded the oil barons in thee worst swindle of Americans since the last Obama oil swindle in shutting down Gulf drilling and pumping. It is beyond shortsighted as Trumps gas price spikes is killing MAGA as you can not have a recovery as this blog noted when impoverishing Americans in this type of robbery.

 Donald John said there is no reason for oil price spikes. Yes there is, it is because his selling to Europeans to get Russia to fork over their billions to be looted in Wall Street, shorted thee American markets so they spiked the gas and natural gas prices, along with the HAARP hurricanes steered into Texas and Florida to cause refinery shortages, which have never dropped.
These are Donald John's buddies in crime and his talk is doing nothing at all, as he is responsible for this rapine as he signed  the bills to sell American oil to Europe and was too dense to figure out that this would gouge Americans, and if he was that intelligent, then he didn't give a damn, because he was fulfilling the DIA's orders to keep putting pressure on Russia.

The fact is Ronald Reagan dropped oil prices, sold American fur to South Korea and that is what geared the Reagan recovery from the ground up. Donald Trump has raised oil prices by selling to Europe, creating over a million new gas burners a year in his Trump Visa Vermin legally imported into America, and Mr. President has created zero market in natural renewable resources........instead he bans African hunting and the wife bans the wearing of fur from the White House. IT IS ALL CONNECTED and there will not be a recovery a this blog first predicted because Donald Trump signed off on the looting of American energy.

The only thing Donald Trump will do is MEGA, MAKE EUROPE GREAT AGAIN. So glad he is in Europe brushing dandruff off that faggot pedo Macron of France. As that is something that really needs to be done as Americans languish in the burgeoning Trump Super Depression.


This blog is thee ONLY MEDIA fighting for your pieces of the economic pie. All the other clappers grin like apes picking shit off their asses, claiming it is Trump Brand dates in healthy snacks.

Lawrency Kudlow doesn't know shit from shinola in putting a Reagan Conservative face on this piracy.

Nuff Said


Trump: Art of the Korea

Hello I am the gorgeous sister of  Dear Leader Kim Jong Un,
soon I will have billions of dollars as an oligarch to donate to the 
poor of South Korea and you will cherish both my brother and myself.


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


Piece of cake, slice of North Korea, why don't you just 
become the godfather of Korean mining 

Donald John: Dictator Xi, won't you have some moist and melting morsel of beautiful chocolate cake?

Xi: Why I believe I would like some of that beautiful chocolate cake.

Donald John: While I cut you this piece, how about I cut you the entire mining rights in North Korea for a trillion dollars in rare earth elements?

Xi: Say I think I would like that instead of ice cream for my cake.

Donald John: Yes would it not be beautiful to have Pyongyang become a Peking oligarch state in the image of China...........

You just have a brief glimpse of what not even Hillary Clinton voter and Trump golfing buddy Chris Ruddy is not aware of in his Newmax posting on the realities of Trump Talks with North Korea

Road to N. Korea's Denuclearization Is Littered with Failure

Herbert McMaster trying to start a nuclear war with North Korea for a year, was but a cover for what Donald Trump was really engaged in, in his Art of  the Deal. See Donald John is a business man, He understands that business is amoral. All people are concerned about is the color green. You either have green with envy or the color of money in green, Everyone wants the cash, so you find a way to make everyone sell their souls and  everyone will agree to anything.

The Pyongyong deal on the burner has been Mike Pompeo of the CIA's baby all along in back door negotiations. McMaster was trying to nuke the world and Trump let that predicate the conversation as he was busy dealing with Xi of China. Xi is as human as  the next father of nations, and he would like nothing better than to make North Korea a profitable client state which would be exploited by Peking. The way this works is Kim Jong Un finds how much a trillion dollars will buy of his soul and he gets paid the royalties as a Korean oligarch system of the powerful elite is initiated in North Korea. South Korea get's a share in providing technology, China does the mining, Russia gets involved in transportation and the West buys the rare earth elements.
All Donald Trump is doing is what HW Bush did with Peking in taking a non electric society and gave them money to exploit their own people, and transformed them into a top heavy hulking giant.


Yes a trillion dollars is a happy price for a soul


Just like in all things Trump, everyone gets a bribe so everyone is happy.

Like all things Kim, this is an issue of Kim having an issue of discovering ways to swerve out of the way to keep his word in things he agreed to. This is none of my concern, and living in the future, it is the reality of posting what is really taking place in the Kim Trump summit. It is a good deal if it works in nations keeping their word and a bad deal if anyone breaks the agreement.

That really did not take that long to lay out another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, so I would presume the rich people would now have time to make big donations to make up for all the time they spent not donating here, as an oversight of course, as they always meant to, but being rich is such a burden that things get in the way of doing good works like donating, as it is a toil to care for that much money every day.

With that, Nuff Said.


It is a great deal, we become globalist like China, get to keep our heads,
they do the work mining, we live like kings and they invest all our money for us
at great profits.........




Steve Mnuchkin Announces New 100 Dollar Bill

Sec. Mnuchkin announces:
In order to preserve American currency.......


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I just do not know what to make of this, as while all of us love and adore, dare we say worship Donald Trump, some things in American tradition just seem bigger than us all, yet it has come to his blogs attention that Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchkin in having enough of the Obama era of putting tampons and watermelons on US currency in ridding it of White Folks, has completed designs on what is being termed around the gang at Treasury as the Honest Donald. 


 The "Honest Donald"

As I have stated earlier, we all love, adore and yes dare we say worship President Trump, but what Secretary Mnuchkin has initiated just sort of looks like he is sucking up to the President. The front of the Honest Donald is of course our remarkable President, President Donald J. Trump in his fitting likeness of resolute readiness and resolve, the Three Trump R's are always visible in his stoic expression.
It is though the back of the 100 dollar bill which I believe has gone a bit too far.

Apparently Ivanka had stopped by with John Kelly, and there not being enough chairs again, the Chief of Staff kindly was bouncing Ivanka on his knee while holding her on his lap, and upon looking at Philadelphia on the back of the old 100 dollar bill with Benjamin Franklin, John Kelly quipped, "Well that is the City of Brotherly Love", and as we all love President Trump, would it not be best if we go rid of Philadelphia and put Ivanka who the President loves as his Princess on the back of the bill, as we all know Ivanka worked so very hard on passing the tax cuts and has been promoting girl funding education....."

With that, Mnuchkin pulled out his cell phone and snapped some photos of Ivanka on the couch in his office and that is the portrait we see on the back of the 100 dollar bill.

I know we all love and adore Ivanka, not as much as her father, but the thing is she has worked so very hard, but in tradition, we just do not put non Indians or great people on our coins, except that Susan B. Anthony which was another breaking of tradition.


Trump Tower future site of Trump Memorial, Library and Mausoleum

Tradition currency has like memorials on it or buffalo. I would think for the President that the Trump Tower would have been more appropriate than Ivanka as she should simply wait until she is the first woman President after like 47 males and claim that title as her achievement, as far too many women have not been listed in history, as every knows Christopher Columbus discovered America, but no one really knows which woman sailed a ship for the first time to say, 'Yes Columbo discovered a continent and I confirm this".

Unfortunately though this project has been so secretive that no public comment was allowed to provided suggestions in how a nation can properly adore President 45. I realize that talk is by Sec. Ryan Zinke to disclosed several locations in Colorado, Utah and Idaho for a Mount Trumpmore, dwarfing Rushmore in being an entire mountain as the bust of President Trump, but for now we must content ourselves with the Honest Donald and hope for the day that Ivanka is the first female president in Washington DC with auxiliary office in Tel Aviv.

Nuff Said


They call him Benny

Benedict Cumberbatch, Benny Cumberbatch, the scandal which
has shaken the monarchy and brought England to her knees.
Tonight we investigate Benny Cumberbatch as
nuclear war looms on the horizon or something worse in
Queen Charles and King Camilla.....

No my name is Benedict.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is the exclusive investigation into the name of Benny Cumberbatch. Mr. Cumberbatch insists his name Benedict, but time and again from the most noted people they tell a different story concerning the life of Benny Cumberbatch.

I grew a beard to show people I was serious, but all they
called me was Beardo Ben, which rhymed with Weirdo.

We spoke with his talented co star Martin Freeman with this insight into the origins of Cumberbatch's name.

I just want to kill him.

Benny Cumberbatch then made this claim to verify this name.

Everyone knows that men named Benedict wear spectacles.

Sean Connery tracked us down and had this to add to the evidence.


The English are all goddamn sissy faggots.

We had hoped to gain statements from Benny's parents, but instead we have this from Richard Harris.


I shagged his Mum with the snake St. Patrick didn't drive out of Ireland.

Ian McKellen offered this insight.

I cumbered his old man's arse with my batch. 

To this Benny's Mum was overheard at a flower show telling Benny this.

I don't know who your father is, but you will always
be your mother's son.


 That's why the chums at school always called me
Bugger Bum Benny!!

 Benny seemed most impressed with the revelations of the Anal History of his family as in the following interview he kept repeating in hysterical laughter for 7 hours and three minutes.

They buggered my parents bums.....

My turds have more acting talent than Benny.

Kelly MacDonald who starred in a rather disturbing sex scene in a missing child story on PBS, had this observation.


In the fake sex scene, he kept calling out his own name Benny.
Sean Connery is right the English are all sissy faggots. 

The legendary English actor and globally celebrated performer, Tom Baker summed up this investigation in this way.


 He never played Dr. Who, so Who Cares!!!!


They cancelled Downton Abby for Benny Bugger Butt?????

 In responsible journalism we allow Benny to provide his most passionate defense in the last statement that his name is not Benny.

 No my clothes are not monogrammed Benny,
it is a designer label.

The problem is he would not go away. He stalked us. He followed us. He kept attempting to show us proof his name was not Benny.

Here let me get naked and you can observe my Benedict.

As an English male I object to this overt attention paid to Benny.



Monday, April 23, 2018

A Horizon without End

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Today, God gave us the first nice day here since last August. I have been wanting a 60 degree day which was warm and none of it ever arrived here.
I did something stupid in asking God for Wisdom. I did not realize that it was not bestowed on me like Solomon, but arrives with excruciating failure and misery.

The reason I am writing this is being thankful for Laura who is always there, but never asks a thing. It is for that reason I ponder things on this night, because long ago I was shown that the Proverbs was a life with God and Ecclesiastics is a life without God. Now though after years of this, I keep hearing VANITY OF VANITIES, all is vanity. This comes from someone who is a Christian with God, who God bestows insights too and revelations, yet as I look out on life, all I see is futility.

I see rich people now dead who no one remembers. I see poor people who were good and bad and no one remembers them either. I see people now striving for riches and it is all futility as they will die and no one will remember them and their children will just raise rotten children and spend all that money on things which will never fulfill them.

None of that is my life in God, but I keep thinking on this in how futile it all is. Unless God builds things they will not stand, and yet God built America and heathens tore it all down. I was allowed to construct a time line for peace, and Donald Trump as President and it is all not what was promised in 2016. The record of good acts by those who chose God's Way is the only testament. It is the small personal decisions which will endure forever in writing in the Book of Life, not the national sins which will pass away in the Book of Judgment.

All I want and desire to do is build and create,  but all is destruction and consumption now. I was prepared for this in the brier patch as all things are futile here even with hard work, but this is not an age of building, but one of degrading conditions. It is as if everything is losing ground as the reckoning of the balancing of the scales is measured out.

Proverbs teaches that the beginning of Wisdom is to hate evil. The fulfillment of the Law is to obey God and to  care about others. The Ecclesiastics speaks of the best a man can do is to enjoy the pleasure of his labor for all is vanity. It is the Spiritual with the carnal. The Heaven and the sojourn on earth. I can detest evil by obeying God and care about others, but the fruits of it are not of this world in rewards, only laying down to rest in not being troubled in having harmed others. All I can do is take solace in that reality that I did what I could, but it changes nothing, except I did not add more  evil to this world as it is vain to think you can change people or the world, all you can do is police yourself in answering to God as no one is going to change and do what is right.

I look out to the world and see the futility of it. It leaves me sad and feeling empty. To think of all there is and there is nothing, as all that there is, is what is inside a person. That is all that matters not because it matters, but it matters because that is the only thing that is in any person's control is the struggle if they can control themselves or not.

That seems futile in this big universe which is going to disappear, and that seems futile in God created all of this to grow souls into Spirits, and after that is done, it will be discarded like an egg cracked open.

It seems like such a worthless thing that, here am I, just now, in my entire purpose is to scratch a kitty's back so she can repay me in clawing me as that is her enjoyment in her space in life. In a few moments the pleasure will be a baby calf feeding in milk we warm up.

The evil, the good, it has all been lived out a million times before me, and it continues to be acted out after me. In all the Wisdom, all the knowledge, all the things of understanding, it means nothing really, except it makes life a bit easier to navigate in not doing stupid things, but in ignorance is bliss so they do not know what the mistakes are.

I seem to be one of God's birds who eat road kill, a lily who toils and spins, till the petals drop, I am just here, and like most Christians, the reward comes in Heaven. Perhaps that is where I will build my ponds and plant my orchards. Perhaps instead of singing flowers, I will have melons of rainbow scents and ...........maybe just a place where I can look out from under a tree and see a forever horizon which never ends.


It takes a Big Man to be Cher

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The following is a reality in how far the United States has degraded under Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama, when I actually appreciate Cher Bono Allman deleting caustic tweets on Donald Trump and admitting that she went too far with them, and noting it was not an apology.

Cher’s admission came hours after she had described President Trump as a “cancer ravaging our nation” and a “malignant tumor eating its way through our constitution” who would restrict the press and imprison hostile reporters if he had the chance.
Earlier on in the day, the singer had also called Trump a “criminal,” a “sociopath,” and a “despot,” among other insults.
Both tweets have now been deleted from Cher’s official Twitter account.

I do not want an apology from Cher Allman, because she does not have to apologize in political speech for what she posts about Donald Trump. Donald Trump can call her a used up old hose bag, and he should not have to apologize for that either, but it is responsible when someone like Cher Allman actually takes responsibility for their actions and states it is too far.

That is rare as Mario Cuomo never expressed regret for smearing Pat Buchanan as a Nazi. Birther Hussein never took responsibility for trashing Sarah Palin or Nancy Reagan. One can read the absolute disgusting things from Hillary Clinton on everything to that bizarre Debra Messing being insane with the current crop of George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Bloomberg prostituting fruity boys like David Hogg, and that is the poison of the left.
Even Ms. Shabazz today was for rich Negroes demanding Donald Trump hand over the state of Florida. Seriously if all America has to do is hand over Florida to all minorities, fags, revolutionaries and communists, I am all for signing the deal today. Of course I would blast Cuba the following week, take possession of that and then embargo Florida so all of that trash would flee to Europe luxury, but this is about Cher Allman not about giving away states.

As a personal note to Cher Allman from a Conservative Christian female, it hurts when the left incessantly rants as they do, not taking into account for a moment that the things that Donald Trump is engaged in, are the the realities of George Washington in what America was founded on.
It personally upsets me that Cher cheated on Sonny and divorced him. I am saddened that her daughter is troubled in chopping of body parts. I am upset that someone I appreciated for what she accomplished with little talent, became an international star, who constantly is so insecure that she thinks the world is going to end if some Christian morality actually guides public discourse again.

That is why Cher Alltman is appreciated as she is the one leftist who stood up and took responsibility. That is unheard of. If one examines the entire fiction of the left, Trotsky was about the first and last leftist who said Stalin was wrong, and he got murdered for it, so hearing a civil discourse from the left is a rare thing.
Meathead Reiner never regrets his uncivil discourse, no more than Jimmy Kimmel, no more than Alec Baldwin. So it does take a big man to be Cher.

As she sees Donald Trump as a problem, I see that her politics have created a slave state in America, where the majority of these people are never going to be Cher Sarkisian, the daughter of Turkish roots, who worked hard to make a success in a hard business.
Cher's mouth assassinates those on the right, while her kindness is killing the very people she is showing compassion for.

Better Educated, But Not Better Off: Census: Immigrants on Welfare Triples, Medicaid Doubles, Has Even Surged Among Those With College Degrees

It would help if Cher was not cliche also as "cancer" is Cher quoting the leftist CIA Mockingbird on a "Cancer on our Presidency" to perform a coup on Richard Nixon. Building on that in a malignant tumor is not someone very bright repeating the word cancer in another form.
Her charges that Donald Trump would restrict and imprison the press is ridiculous when Donald Trump has been leaking to the very press driving these stories.
As far as Donald Trump being a criminal, sociopath and despot.  Donald Trump is just a capitalist like all of Hollywood Jewry is and have the business morals of the color of green. He is not a sociopath. In fact, he discovered early if he acted off balance it threw others off balance, so he would succeed in art of the deal. As far as a despot. No Mr Trump is not a despot nor a tyrant. He is simply an extension of the Defense Intelligence Agency just as Obama was an extension of Wall Street Soros rapine, as Bush Fam is an extension of Jewish banking, as Clinton is an extension of the Rockefeller magnate.

Cher Allman is frustrated and hears the propaganda meant to distract and she breaks it down as Mockingbird intends to, instead of rejecting being manipulated. So she gets it wrong as she fails to recognize these Trump leftist facts:

Obamacare is still the law of the land.
The Cohn Tax Cut was for Cher and her rich cohorts.
Donald Trump is pro sodomite.
250,000 babies are butchered under Donald John each year.
Donald John is legalizing Visa  vermin to make them permanent.

See if Cher would just examine the issues, Donald John Trump has gone further than Obama ever dared and implemented Obama's 3rd term as Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush would have. Cher Allman should be celebrating those facts, including the fact that Trump Brand threw out all of the loyalists and Christians, and has people at 1600 Penn Avenue who are even more leftist than Jared and Ivanka Kushner.

Cher Allman should realize that SHE WON the 2016 election in Donald Trump. I'm the one who lost in my poverty and wasted life in writing the time line to place Donald John into the White House.

Cher should be celebrating, unless of course she wants her rants to give Donald John even more cover to allow him to really grab guns and throw people in the right wing into psycho gulags for believing in America as is on the agenda.

They say we're young and we don't know, and won't find out, until we've grown......

Perhaps Cher should grow up.

Nuff Said




From the desk of the Tiger Lily.

A short trip down memory lane:

February 2018--

"In any case here are the Resolute reads, with the real headlines in RED.


Trump tells workers their tax-cut bonuses are ‘not crumbs’
- The Washington Times
On Wednesday, in a meeting with American workers who have benefitted from the recent overhaul of the American tax code led by President Donald J. Trump, the President told workers their bonuses are “not crumbs.” One guest from Iowa even revealed that his family will “pocket an extra $6,000 this year from the tax cuts.”


January 2018--

"With Trumpflation which is skyrocketing as Mr. President talked down the dollar value for his Ivanka traders to China, so your gas prices spiked, that exta 90 dollars a month, simply will be eaten by grocery and maintenance price increases, so you are not going to have any extra money, especially as HAARP has been deliberately freezing America so Big Oil can make you buy propane and fuel oil in the poor.
It is a 1.40 for propane out in oil country. That is Obama prices.

So no one is going to notice a thing in their paychecks who are poor as 3% is nothing. At 18000 dollars take home, that is 22 dollars every two weeks, which is half a tank of gas. Zero benefit from Trump tax."

December 2017--

Trump tax passes, Trump bleaters follow the paid trolls sent out to sell the new tax rapine as it is of course going to #MAGA for the large corporations and not the Forgotten Man and Woman, and more death and destruction are set loose as the willing tools of satan do not like the voice of Truth saying unpleasant things instead of tickling their ears with pretty lies over the last several months.

"Donald Trump's Tax is rapine. He just shipped the American surplus of gas and oil to Europe. So American fuel prices are spiking beyond the cover of the hurricanes."

"Oh and Donald Trump promised no  taxes under 50,000 dollars. I am not going to praise him for lying to Americans in this is a good deal, when the low end is worse than Obama and on the poor.  The only thing I hoped for was that damned Obamacare mandate will be gone. I will not believe McConnell, Ryan or Trump on that one, until the IRS says it is gone, because Mr. President said it vanished  8 months ago and sure as shit stinks in September there was the IRS stating they were collecting the mandate and will come after those who do not pay it."
"Do you think the above is fair if you made a million dollars and had just 650,000 dollars after federal taxes? You may think it is ok to screw the rich, but in this Trump tax, you are being screwed to genocide as this taxation targets people saving to have families and homes, and penalizes successful  people from ever bridging the gap to the millionaires club.

This is a tax policy against White Americans, as that is who are in these groups. It keeps the poor poor, it impoverishes the key group of those trying to make families and it stagnates the productive class from ever keeping the money they would distribute to the working classes."
"That comes from Trump high gas prices raping consumers for three months on fake hurricane price hikes.

It comes from Trump fake tax cuts.

It comes from Trumpflation in food."

"Now realize what you have been defending and hearing from your right wing homo media that is such a great deal. People taxed who are under the poverty level. People earning 50,000 dollars and under taxed. Obamacare legalized in funding. The Waiver removed, but a new tax structure implemented in removing deductions so those poor people are paying more than under Obamacare Waivers or penalties, and Donald Trump dumping these disease infested rape cocks into all of our communities,  as today in town I saw 10 of these vermin in a new batch being processed in shitland to be flushed to your cities to take your jobs.

I have stated from the start all I wanted in this was the Waiver ended, and that is all I am going to get. so the morons among you had better understand unless you are swarthy and a baby producer, you are not going to be helped in any of this, and every help you are told, as a robber hand stealing money from you in a new area or an excise tax passed onto you."

November 2017--

"Well, well, Gomer's Pile was not going to stop Rationed Death this time through.....that would be John McCain, as his corporate cronies got all their rapine as Mr. President promised to fund Obamacare in exchange for removing the individual mandate.
Just letting you know that John McCain is voting for this, because it could not be stopped as this is Obamacare funding made legal and a slight of hand in robbing people who were getting waivers.  I keep telling you that you never get to keep that money all of you think you are getting to keep, because some one lied to you and said you could." 

And now...

April 20, 2018--

"The Trump tax cuts were supposed stimulate growth, and while conventional wisdom held that it would be the US economy that would be boosted, it now appears that only US oil companies, or rather their shareholders (and the occasional OPEC member) will get the benefit of the extra cash jolt.

The reason: sharply higher oil prices, which today settled at a fresh 4 year high, are dragging gasoline prices across the country higher, and are rapidly approaching the psychological $3/gallon level, last seen in late 2014, just before the "OPEC Thanksgiving massacre" of 2014.
To others, especially those in the lower income quintiles, the rising gas prices will be a far bigger burden as it will mean a sharp drop in discretionary spending. now that more cash has to be set aside for essentials. Here, the FT is correct that it will be most rural areas and middle-income households that are about to be hit the hardest.

Worse, it means that the benefit of Trump's tax cuts for the middle class will be mostly, if not fully wiped out."

Yep, all those Forgotten Americans who needed tax relief the most sure got screwed over by Trump's wonderful tax "cuts" everyone was supposed to be excited about and burgerclap over. I'm old enough to remember when Trump promised married couples making under $50k per year wouldn't pay any taxes. Sure, he doesn't write the bills, but he signed off on this like it was some economy booster, knowing full well Big Oil was just around the corner waiting to rob the Forgotten Americans once again, and LIED TO EVERYONE ABOUT HOW GREAT IT WAS. It's almost like someone wrote about this warning people the new tax plan wasn't some golden opportunity, which in turn should have spurred some kind of calling their representatives and senators to hold them accountable to the Trump campaign promises.

I'd link you to the original campaign site as a reminder, buuuuuut those position papers have all been removed, for no apparent reason whatsoever. I guess they don't want anyone comparing all of his initial positions- the ones he was voted in to implement- to the new propaganda on the site under "Promises Kept".

To summarize:

Lame Cherry RIGHT AGAIN by the Grace of God.

For those who are offended by the mockery, get off the Internet and read your Bible more. You might claim to be holier than Jesus and more righteous than God the Father, but I don't.

"Because I have called, and ye refused; I have stretched out my hand, and no man regarded; But ye have set at nought all my counsel, and would none of my reproof: I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh; When your fear cometh as desolation, and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind; when distress and anguish cometh upon you. Then shall they call upon me, but I will not answer; they shall seek me early, but they shall not find me: For that they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the LORD: They would none of my counsel: they despised all my reproof.  Therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own way, and be filled with their own devices. For the turning away of the simple shall slay them, and the prosperity of fools shall destroy them." -Proverbs 1:24-32

"The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.
He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision." -Psalm 2:2-4

"The wicked plotteth against the just, and gnasheth upon him with his teeth. The Lord shall laugh at him: for he seeth that his day is coming." -Psalm 37:13

"Behold, they belch out with their mouth: swords are in their lips: for who, say they, doth hear? But thou, O LORD, shalt laugh at them; thou shalt have all the heathen in derision. Because of his strength will I wait upon thee: for God is my defence." -Psalm 59:7-9

Nuff said. (The laughter, however, is infinite!)